Putting to gether two hobbies. Photography + Lilies.

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We all have different hobbies. Among my other hobbies photography and gardening are two of them. What can be more joyful than putting two of your hobbies together?, So i decided to photograph the flowers from my backyard. To be precise i decided to photograph the water lilies from my artificial pond.

Water lilies play an important role in fresh water bodies. When fresh water bodies are exposed to direct sunlight for too long the algae start to thrive in the fresh water and thus making the water purification more difficult for human consumption. Water lilies play an important role is fighting the algae in fresh water bodies. The water lilies are hardy plan so they survive in hard conditions, these water lilies grow and spread easily and the leafs of the water lilies are big and they cover the surface of the water and thus preventing the water from the sunlight. When the water lilies block the sunlight entering the water two major benefits happens, first benefit is by blocking the sunlight water lilies prevent the growth of algae in the freshwater and secondly the leafs of the water lilies prevent freshwater evaporation from the water bodies.

Here i have shared the pictures of 3 water lilies from my backyard and i have shared their common names and anyone who knows their scientific name kindly comment below.

This beauty is called as the purple diamond locally. Petals are medium purplish in color and very yellowish in the center. This lily propagate from its leafs.

Now lets the see the Purple Joy. The outer petals are purplish in color and the inner petals are whitish in color and the center is yellowish in color. The common name of this water lily is Purple Joy, Kindly comment the scientific name if you know. This lily propagate from its own off shots.

The final water lily from my backyard is the pink diamond. This is called a pink diamond for is uniform baby pinkish color and this pink diamond is the biggest flower among the three water lilies i have, at least twice as big as other two. This lily propagate from its off shot.