Visual Lightning Strike Using Smartphone

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Hi everyone, I just came back from my long hibernation, after coming back with some black and white visuals, this time I'm sharing a colorful visual that I took with a Smartphone, maybe you doubt this is true or not this visual was made with a Smartphone, but it's its true my friend.


This is a visual that I made when lightning was striking in the sky of the city where I live, coincidentally the camera that I usually use didn't run out of battery, so I only had a Smartphone, and I made the best use of it.


This is the shot of a Smartphone that I use for my daily life, it's actually difficult to get a visual of lightning striking using a Smartphone, but I managed to get it. This is beautiful my friend.


I have edited this image to improve the colors while maintaining the authenticity of the visuals. So I hope you like the visuals I share and it makes me even more excited to share posts with you.

I hope you are happy with my work this time, and I will be happy if you like this latest job.
Have fun !!!

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Great job! Sky color is so awesome...
Nature is amazing.

That first picture is awesome. Well done.

Really nice work!

You have to tell us how you take them!

Thanks @neuerko
Yes, I did it with a smartphone, I used pro mode with all manual settings. And the most important thing is to wait, patience is the key for me to get that picture by using a smartphone.