Towns of Liguria

This summer I went on a 3 weeks road trip from Munich to Northern Spain and back. We made our way through the Italian backcountry in the region of Liguria on our way to France and found some really cute places - just how you would imagine old Italian towns in the mountains ⛰🇮🇹








I hope you liked this post and I'm always looking for feedback to improve. Cheers!


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 4 months ago  

Incredibly gorgeous shots!

I thought the image in the first picture was like photoshop. It is truly a magnificent place.

I retouched some distracting things away outside the village but nothing major. Thanks!

It's like a place where those who go to master it like in the movies live. I would definitely like to visit this place.

I can only recommend it! 🙏🏼

Wow, the first two look almost surreal. Where did you shoot them from? A hill, or something flying?

Thank you! I shot them with a drone :)

That town is really pretty wow!! it is like these we see often in the movies.. so pretty!

They are 2 towns actually but you are totally right about the movie vibes!

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Very beautiful nostalgic photos. Are those pictures of 2 different towns?? The first 2 looked it sprout out of the forest on the mountain top .. while the rest looked like it's located at the valley with a river running through

Thank you! Yes, they are 2 different towns :)