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Since I moved to Crete I have an annual appointment every fall, with a miraculous plant that is called sand lily, or pancratium maritimum if you prefer scientific names. Its mesmerising beauty, its amazing durability to drought and the delicate scent that can only be smelled early in the morning or at the evening, made me promise to myself to go every year when they bloom to enjoy them and take a few new pictures!





This time the conditions were far from ideal. The wind was so strong that I hesitated to take my dslr out of its bag and I took pictures only with my phone. But the elegance and beauty of those plants is so obvious that even with a medium quality smartphone, you can get some wonderful pictures :)

At least that's what I think, I hope that you agree too!





One definite side-effect of shooting with my phone is taking much more vertical pictures than usual. Somehow it feels more natural holding it vertical than horizontally and although I like each one of those photos, it feels a little weird as I scroll down and there are so many vertical of them!







In the pictures you obviously can't see the wind but take my word for it, it was furious! It didn't stoped me though from spending a great deal of time walking (cautiously) on the sand dunes and swimming at the end in order to enjoy the sea and remove all the sand that was stuck on my body :)







Overall, although it was the hardest visit I have ever made at this beach, it was also the most memorable one and I don't regret not even a minute of it! Even though I was taking sand out of my ears and hair for days :)



All the pictures and the words are mine.

Thank you for reading and if you want to know more about me you can check out my introduction post.

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What an interesting plant. And what is more interesting is the sand. I've rarely seen plants growing in sand.

Yes, it is really fascinating! It grows on sand dunes around the Mediterranean and its seeds can travel for miles at the sea, till they find a new sandy beach to grow!

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Thank you!

It is unusual to see a flower growing in sand, at least it is not common. But obviously looks gorgeous, love it!

Thank you very much, I am glad you like it!

YAY I am happy to see the sand Lilly's again this year. The pictures are great, even with your phone. We both love close ups and with your phone I really liked the wider view with the water and that golden light is wonderful.

Yes, you are right! I was intended to use my 100mm macro lens and the phone camera gave me a whole new perspective. And I do like the result too :)
Thank you very much!

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Those are glorious! Now to see if they'll grow here...

Thanks a lot!
They are some amazing plants :)

How lovely and out of place they look. I hope that swim helped with the sand - I always think that is going to work, and then I escalate the sand situation :)

Haha you are right! The sand was keeping me company until I returned home for a proper shower :)

Sand: the most loyal companion ;)

Very good pictures @fotostef

How many flowers of this are there?

Here is !PIZZA for me..

Thank you!
There are a lot of flowers, I didn't count them, though :)

Ok..thank you for answer me.


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The fully open flower looks like an oddly designed daffodil.... Too bad smell can be transmitted....

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Thanks a lot :)