People of Mexico City. October 22

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I am not at all a lover of poetry, but came across Haiku recently and thought how fucking weird is that, is it poetry or anti-poetry?

I am going with the latter. So I didn't know how to present the people of beautiful CDMX, so thought sod it, lets go for Haiku.

Enjoy the snaps.

Fearless on the streets
doves of peace, some do fly by
use the streets safely





Food in the city
tastes and textures are sublime
eat your fill no more









faces in a crowd
hide behind a mask of shame
release your freedom





All manner of folk
for cash, hands out begging
don’t look in their eye







Here some have nothing
they prey to their god in hope
protest for your cause




I did say at the outset it made no fucking sense at all.

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Seeing faces of happy individuals is a form of fulfillment. I see a lot of people in those photographs just doing what makes them happy

cheers @pazartesi thanks for dropping in , yes it was not only party time for Dio de las muertes, but also the F1 grand prix was in town the atmosphere was buzzing

I did say at the outset it made no fucking sense at all.

But yet it makes all the sense in the world. For some reason, the words blend in with the pictures😅
But you've got quite an interesting set of pictures here. You took all of them?
You have a keen eye for capturing the most normal yet alluring moments.
Were they having a coco festival?, the face paintings are magnificent.

And how do you manage to take pictures when you're in the middle of a crowd, with people pushing and tossing? The pictures came out great and clear.
Amazing work with the play on colours.

I enjoyed watching your photos.

cheers @zitalove thanks for dropping in, and your wonderful enthusiastic comments, I appreciate that.

My words work thank you, maybe I shall try it again sometime. Yes all my on work I guess my eyes are sensitive after years of poking the lens into peoples faces ( that and a fast shutter speed and 12 fps at least one will be suitable lol)

maybe I shall try it again sometime

You should. I would love to see more of it.

after years of poking the lens into peoples faces

Haha. I guess so. I must be an amateur then, cos I still can't get over my shyness of taking pictures in public.

lol, go for it, yes it can be quite dauntying at first especially shooting individuals, a group setting is so much easier

I know nothing about Haiku (here @bertrayo is the pro). Neither I know a lot about Mexico and its traditions, but I am slowly getting a picture of it through your posts. Gracias ;)

I know about natural Haikus. These are something else.

cheers @mipiano , a wonderful country and people, a weird form of poetry, yes @bertrayo has dropped me a comment. cheers, have a gret weekend playing or chilling!

Sure different in more ways than one... weird an understatement!

cheers @joanstewart normality has returned

What is normal? 🙃

ah!!!! good point well made.

🤣🙃take a deep breath and carry on!

Beautiful recordings, I especially like the monochromatic ones, but I highlight those in which you created a mix between monochrome and color. well done

cheers @armpcm thanks for dropping in, your comments I really appreciate, yes I am enjoying playing around with mono and poly at the moment. I am glad it seems to work

Hmm... Reminds me of that Subway Haiku by Ezra Pound. It certainly captures the faint moments of the streets.

cheers @bertrayo thanks for dropping in, lets just say I hope it worked

I bet it does. It works on images.

cheers 👍

I think due to unawareness about these people these type of views we often see. Proper machanism can change the view of these type of environment.

cheers @sahilkhan5 thanks for dropping in

Photographing people's faces on the street is my hobby. The best way to remember the face of the city is with the faces of the people!

hey @olga.maslievich yes totally agree, its also good fun lol

Maybe they do make sense - I like your haikus - well I got the picture anyway. I love the photos as well - especially the monochrome and colour.
I appreciated the energy of the city and all the street foods and Mexicans in general.

cheers @momogrow I tried the fancy poetry it was different. CDMX as you know is a vibrant place to be, the sounds sights colours awesome!