Monomad Monday, street photography in Marrakesh!

Happy Monday every one!
During my trip to Marrakesh Morocco, I wanted to make more street pictures!
Every photographer knows the street pictures of Marrakesh as the are made decades ago! Dusty streets during the best sunrise moments were the sunbeams cross the streets!

But then all circumstances must be right! And that's the hard part of photography! If you are going on a trip for a week, you also need to be very lucky! Sunrise, dust or fog, the people in the street and of course the location, all must be right!

Today I will share some pictures what I think are not that great but considering the circumstances, are pretty nice!

There were so many little streets like this, it was hard to get the right light conditions to take pictures here! Many times, the hard shades or the over exposed parts by the sunlight are very disturbing! Balance was sometimes hard to find here!


I was a split second to early in taking this picture! You still see the front end of the motor entering the picture! That would have been nice if there was that movement in this frame!



Streets with no people in them, are a bit empty! But I still like this one!


This beautiful man was waiting for his order at the veggies market stand!



Beautiful rugs hanging to be shown to the tourists!


Two woman around a sales man with a car full of oranges! This is a stitch of tree pictures! When I am back at home, I will show you the process of how I did this!


Trying to capture some details around the streets! I want to capture more details of the streets that I wonder around in! not only the "landscape" mode but also more pictures like this!


Building up the market stall! Here I wanted to focus more on the people on this street corner! But still I feel like I am doing illegal stuff! It's always feels a bit ashamed to take pictures of people in the street! I need to do it more often to get ride of that!


How do you do that when you are taking pictures of people on the streets? Do you feel ashamed when you do that? Ore does that go away after doing it more?

Thank you for reading my post! And if you want to see all the places I have ever been to, just click on my Pinmapple profile!

And if you want to follow my daily life, I often post stories and pictures off all the tings I do in life on my Instagram account!


Great photos! I liked the penultimate one the most.

Thanks mate! I need more detail in my series.

They’ve got beautiful building in Morocco
I love the pictures
Keep them coming!

Thank you 🙏 I have many pictures of there💪

Street photography has its appeal and markets are usually ideal for this. I like that you chose black and white for these shots.

Great pics, as always @haastrecht friend!

Have a nice start of the week.

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Thanks mate, I still need to learn a lot in street photography

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Beautiful pictures Peter, would love to go there

Thank you😘 echt een vette stad. Zekerheen gaan als je de kans hebt!

Jaahh. Dank je voor de tip