Orange sky.. 🌄

Hello photographers
It's amazing what beauty nature is capable of and let's say the Universe.
I took these shots while I was walking the dog and I was speechless the moment I looked up at the sky. beauty that is rarely seen with the naked eye let alone through the lens . I love to photograph the sky . It stirs in me a rush of emotions that inspire me to create
through my imagination the world in which I want to live . Since I am a person who is quite intensely interested in the universe I want to share with you some of my observations about it

The universe is a very interesting topic on which I want to share how I developed my creative talents.
When I became more persistently interested in where we came from and why we were here.
I realized a lot of things along with my curiosity. I developed my talents and this is one of them .. To see the beauty everywhere around me. In my opinion, our mission on this planet is to express ourselves as individualists, to show our creativity to the world and to make it richer with it.
To express ourselves freely without limits and restrictions. For me, there are no rules in art because it is an expression of the soul and the imagination


The moment I looked at the sky I realized that it is a source of many creative manifestations .. It is a treasure that must be appreciated by a true artist. For example I like to paint the vast sky on a sheet of paper and canvas but when it comes to for realism the photos have their say.
Honestly I had never seen such a sky so bright and so radiant somehow childish, this color reminiscent of a child's drawing filled with happiness in the eyes of a small innocent child. It reminds me when I was little and I did not take into account what is real and which is not. For me nothing mattered but to be a smiling child.


For people of art, the prism through which they see the world is very different.
I see how artists like you here in this group show their essence and I think you will understand me when you see these shots because imagination plays a big role in life at least for me and I do not mind my life being filled with the colors of the rainbow even when an ordinary person sees only the storm in it. I personally paint everything in colors and I can say black and white ha ha ha
When I stopped doubting myself and decided to take this step to upload a few of my photos and works, regardless of how the audience will accept them. I gave a voice to the child in me who could not wait to start creating and thus give smiles. Courage is required. But if you show it the whole universe will support you and give you a chance to express yourself.
Sometimes I'm wrong and I don't do the best cards, but that's why we are people to learn from the world and to be better than yesterday and then to amaze you after each next frame to show you now how the child in me speaks. When you give a chance to the child's soul, the wonders of the world happen.


Is friends
I hope I have touched you at least a little with my words .. I wish you real creativity and inspiration to create in a childish way with fear and without fear
The universe loves artists like us only with the admiration to create from the heart and soul of the world to change with their hands ..
Bye Bye


wow.... so stunning... we get sky like this in Australia... just so amazing. I paint so i spend so much time sky watching. lovely photos

Thanks you sow much ❤️