Blooms in the balcony


2 months ago when we went to the mountains, we bought some plants from one of the shops on the side of the road. The plants are way cheaper to get there than the city for obvious reasons and it was so accessible so we got 3 plants as we were driving home.

I don't know anything about plants at all but I still want flowers since we got a nice balcony but we never use them. I wanted to start gardening and stuff but since I don't know anything yet (and I just didn't want them to die lol) I only bought 3 with me.


This is a carnation plant and it's a bit tiny. :D I just asked the vendor how to take care of it and I followed the instructions. I placed it outside making sure it gets direct sunlight but not to the point of 12 noon sunlight where it's really really hot. I water it every other day too when I see that it has dried and surprisingly it has been thriving.


I sprayed it with water just so it would look nice in photos lol. But I always water on the soil.



I was a bit nervous about getting plants since I think of myself as not having a green thumb at all. I tried planting seeds when I was a kid and they didn't sprout at all. Of course there are a lot of factors like soil, humidity, amount of sunlight, etc. that I didn't look into. But it was enough to discourage me from planting for life as I'm afraid they'll just die in my hands. XD


The flowers bloom and would stay nice for 2-3 days but after that it starts dying. I'm not sure if this was normal for carnations since I couldn't really find an answer on the internet but maybe that's just the flowers' lifespan. I was worried at first but whenever a flower dies, a few more would bloom in a few days anyway so I figured it just how it works. :D



It grows this more often and it's becoming bushier, so I think it is happy. :D


I also got a rose, which doesn't look like one but that's what the vendor told me anyway lol. This is also growing nicely as it blooms flowers from time to time.


It's the same with carnation too. It blooms then after a few days the flower dies and fall off. Then would grow another one anyway. Call me stupid but I thought flowers just bloom permanently and they stay like that hahah.




I don't know who's doing this tbh. Maybe the birds since there are 2 types of birds that live on the roof of the house. I saw some bird poop beside the plant so maybe it's them but I'm not sure, do they really pluck leaves? I don't see any slugs or snails or caterpillars either... but it could be that I just haven't caught them yet lol. I'm not sure what to do with this as long as the plant doesn't die.


The last one is a plant that looks really nice and grows really long - the vendor told us it's a "white fairy" plant but when I did some research on it it doesn't look like it. Maybe the vendor just mistaken them for that or just didn't know much about it but anyway luckily I found what it's called. It's an asiatic jasmine also called snow n summer. I guess it is called like that because some leaves are pink then they turn to white. It's really pretty and easy to grow. They did in fact grow really long stems but I think it's better to prune the stems so it becomes bushier.

Apparently it is also really easy to propagate them as they grow roots in the stems. I should try that at some point so I will have more of them in the balcony.

I'm really happy the plants turned out well. Right now I'm only relying on the internet to tell me anything I need to know about growing plants and it has been really good so far. Hopefully we can turn the balcony into a nice mini garden too so we can finally chill there and it won't be as hot and humid with all the plants and maybe experience picking a fruit or vegetable from there too!


Plant away then pray they grow, my philosophy.

Some years plants are content, they simply grow being in the right place at the right time.

Buying seeds I have had little to no luck with ever. Take the seeds out of food in the kitchen (peppers, tomato etc.) 'windowsill dry' them for a couple of days then plant they appear to take off, maybe my imagination!

Bugs or birds, you should see my birds-eye chili disappear, hardly hit red then gone..., I'm sure it's the birds as the monkeys have never ventured toward them that I know.

Enjoy your plants they will love you back, as these in photos above show !LADY

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Some plants just grow randomly and those things we want to grow wouldn’t. 🤣 One time a papaya tree grew in the backyard and it must have been birds who dropped the seed or something. It kinda feels like they will thrive when you’re not looking. Haha

You’re right, it should be right place and right time for most of them to just grow wherever. We should try growing those seeds from the kitchen too although I’ve heard they have less success rate than the ones bought at the store.

Plants appearing from birds and monkeys in the region happens all too often, they appear to have better luck than me....

I love flowers in general, they are all beautiful, very nice photos of great quality. They say that those who love plants are free spirits who protect nature, hope you have a nice day.

Same! I've always wondered why most people who love plants don't have those flowering plants or if they have, it's not that many. Apparently they are quite hard to take care of haha and some just die after their lifespan is done.. which makes us appreciate them more :D

Haha I think that's the lifeline of roses.
Same here, not that green thumb but I did planted some flowers before .
It grows though

Hahah I didn't know at all🤣 I just assumed when a flower is dying then you're doing something wrong.

Congratulations, green thumb! I think you can propagate the third plant in water for free plants lol

Great photos! The water effect looks so good and dewy <3

Yeahhhh I love those propagation ideas. I read that too for the asiatic jasmine about how easy they are to propagate, some just put them in the soil and some can do water too. I tried putting some cuttings in the soil and will have to see in a few weeks. I should do that water method :D

Maybe the birds since there are 2 types of birds that live on the roof of the house

Idk but it looks more like cuts made by insects. It might be a locust or a sort of grasshopper (a beetle?) flying to have lunch and then go.

Non-tropical plants, like roses, aren't easy to grow in the tropics. Some varieties of roses grow well in Bangkok though (with the care of gardeners).

Ahh maybe that too. But damn why the roses🤣 they probably liked the taste haha. Hopefully I can have more so I can invite the other pollinators 🐝 Mew would love that sight!

I was also doubtful when I brought this home considering it was cold from where we got it from, which surprised me it lived lol. I was also thinking what if they have found some way to mutate these non tropical plants to grow here… but dunno if we’re that advanced yet


Someone, who'll make it one day, will become a millionaire. There are so many cool flowers in the North, many of them start blooming before the rest even become green after the winter cold and snow isn't an obstacle for some of them.

UPD: I just wanted to see if locusts eat roses on Youtube and then came across this, leafcutter bee:

Start at 1:26

Best regards my friend.🤝

Wow, 🤩, what beautiful photos. I love the macro finish you used. Plus those little water droplets give it an extraordinary elegance.

Of all the modes of photography my favorite is always the macro effect. So when I see such a beautiful work like this I can just spend hours looking at it.

Truly this is the best post I have seen today. If you doubt.👌.

Excellent photographic work 10/10 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐. Best regards and have an excellent day my friend.

Thank you! Macro is indeed so pretty especially nature subjects. Yeah the water thing ALWAYS works hahaha. Even just a boring leaf will turn into a beautiful subject if it has water droplets. :D

I think we are in a similar situation 😅 I don't know much about plants and I also want to have a garden on my balcony, so I'm starting on this.

Spraying them with water was a good choice because you got amazing shots 😍🌺

Have a nice start to the week @hiddenblade 😊

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I think it would be best to start with plants that are easy to grow for beginners. Like bougainvillea if you have them there. Good luck!! Hope you get a nice bushy balcony soon haha

Beautiful flowers.

I'm envious with the macro shots. <3

Nice jud ang macro especially with plants. Mao naexcite pud ko magka plants kay unlimited macro subjects sya hahah

The asiatic jasmine looks so pretty! Your photos are too! I really thought it rained at first but then you mentioned you sprayed on them to have the "watery" effect LOL
I'm also not good at plants, they die in my hands after few weeks. Most of the time I'll forget about them. 😂 I hope you won't forget about them like me!

It's really pretty! It almost look like flowers even, because it's mostly green then would have pink and white leaves on them. I think the fear of them dying helped me to not forget them lol. I also plan to fill the house with indoor plants too since the air really feels heavy so pretty sure I won't forget about them once I already have a lot of indoor reminders haha

Make sure that they will be always in your sight! so you won't really forget about them hahaha

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Practice makes masters. I remember when I started to buy plants many years ago. I had no idea if they would survive and most of them actually thrive even today. I have also start gardening last year and the more I learn the better I can take care of them and they seem to like it. Give it time 😊

Good luck in your journey!