Fuji's 80mm macro lens + sample shots


Macro photography is such an interesting thing to explore and I've always admired macro shots. The small things that are hard enough for our eyes to notice are being seen thanks to a macro lens. Since getting the Fuji X-T4, it has always been one of my goals to purchase a macro lens since the quality of my camera is really amazing and my passion for photography is now back (thanks to an improved camera compared to my really old damaged DLSR).

The lens is pretty big and heavy (750g) almost as heavy as my 50mm f/1 lens. :< It has a minimum focusing distance of 25cm, has 1:1 magnification, is weather resistant, and has image stablization.


This thing is heavy but I like how sharp and responsive it is. It can be a struggle to bring it while traveling or on a hike but I think this size and weight is like the standard for macro lenses, no?


I like that Fuji's lenses come with a lens hood although I haven't really used it in real life yet. :p Look at how long it is with the hood!


This is how it looks like with the camera. Yeah the mirrorless camera is a lot lighter than dslrs but our problem now is the lens are still heavy af haha. :P I'm gonna go ahead and show some shots although I haven't really gone out to try it more but here are some of the daily things (and pets) that I captured for some sample ones.



Cigarette butts doing a gang bang.


The auto-focusing is not that hard and not that easy either but it can be a struggle. I have yet to learn on how to focus it better by adjusting the aperture or doing it manual. I also have to learn on some proper lighting if I want to explore different aperture because you know, it gets affected. :P


I can get really close tho and it's so sharp. I love it. :D


This is one of my first shots with the lens and you can tell it was quite a struggle "knowing" the lens lol. I can't even get the focus right but also this was pretty dark (in a shade) so I had to turn the shutter speed down just to get enough light and it wasn't a good idea. There was even an ant who got captured by a small wasp or whatever flying insect that was and I wasn't able to take a pic of it.


Pretty nice to see my dog's eye up close though this one focused on his fur. I was using the autofocus and I set the camera to focus on the thing that's closest to the camera so it turned out like that.

The details on his nose is cute lol.






Looks like a nipple :D




This is Keanu's eye. Cute little eye but I have to be fast cos she complains. :p


And this is Terena's eye. Cute green eye and it was a miracle she allowed me to get close to her face and had the perfect focus lol. :P

That's it for now. I will be taking pics when I go out soon and hopefully I can take pictures of some interesting stuff especially insects. Taking pics of them without scaring them off is something I need to learn first. :P


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Glad you're having fun with that new lens. It took me a while to get the settings right with my set up, then I forgot a few times what they were. lol.

A while back I made this weird looking cone thingy out of tinfoil and some cardboard. You may want to rig up something like that. It helped reflect much needed light back to the subject, so you can use a faster shutter speed and thus reducing the chance for lens shake.

I made it so that it sat around my head and on my neck. Did I loose you??? lol. It looked like a flashy silver dog collar.. one of those you would put on them after a surgery. Uggggg... can't think of the name of those silly but practical things. You know what I'm talking about though.. I hope!

Sounds weird but it worked. I since trashed it when I picked up a secondary flash... but I like old school.. maybe I need to make another one. 😆

AWESOME shots though. I like the puppy dog shots best 😁

I also haven’t even really explored my settings, I just followed a Youtuber’s settings🤣 There are indeed a lot especially with autofocus but I’d like to keep them like this for now lol.

Righhhht! I get you hahah. I’m imagining a bib, is it close?🤣 I have thought of reflectors too but since I have a speedlight that I can use off cam, maybe that will work but I haven’t really tried for macro yet and flash settings are also really confusing. Maybe a reflector will work for now hahah thank you for the advice!

This lens is amazing! Good to know we have Fujifilm lovers in the Hive community.
Great captures!

Thank you! Yeah there are quite a few that I know who use Fuji, and hopefully many more will come. Nice to meet you!

I am weak for animal's eye pictures, especially from cats they are blessed with those eyes.

Idk too much about cameras, brands and their quality, but those pictures look amazing! I can imagine the price of that lend :P

There's a reason why they say "your eyes are like a cat's" as a compliment. :D They are indeed really pretty. Haha yeah this wasn't a fast decision, considering the price. :D

Nice samples for the lens. I am thinkering to go into macro as well and buy a fuji system, this post just encouraged me more 🙂

Fuji is great, I really love it. :D

Awesome pics! I have wanted a macro for awhile now but I can't bring myself to cough up the money. But seeing shots like this make me reconsider my wariness lol

The price is really no joke but it was all worth it. Even the most random object I find is still really fun to take pictures of haha. Hopefully you can decide soon!

Terena's eye is superb.

one of my goals to purchase a macro lens since

congratulations! and best wishes -- have a lot of fun playing with your new toy.


Thank you qwerrie!

These are some truly incredible shots! I can't wait to see more!

Thank you castle! :D



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Wow these photos are really cool. I've been into photography lately and I'm trying to do my best, but mine are just amateur photos I took on my phone 😂.

Woahhh!!! I am a fan of macro photography these are all really great shots!! Amazing!! Speaking of macro lens, I am honestly looking for a new phone lens in online store few minutes ago. I think this is the sign to buy that thing I saw. 🤗🌻

Ethan 🥰😗😘 Teresa 💝🤧 missed then both 😭

Haha kiat ug nawng

Your macro shots are amazing! My favorite is Terena's green eye. The detail is so prominent. I can see the sharp pupil and different combinations of colors in its eyeballs. I just wonder, how much did you buy your Fuji camera? I'm planning to buy one in the future.

Excellent lens, very good review and some really delightful pictures to look at!.... Thanks for sharing!

Simplemente espectacular! amo la nariz de los perritus.🥺😻


Fujinon XF 80mm is one of the best macro lenses from Fujifilm. And this is also one of the lenses on my wishlist. I'm glad there are other Fujifilm users in this community. By the way, it's a great photo.

I always wanted to have a macro lens. I hope I can get it in the near future. If I like something, even if it is heavy, I will definitely find a way to carry it. Fantastic shots.

I hope so too! Right, there are some bags to carry it easily anyway :D

You got some extraordinary shots there, bit none more so awesome than the incredible detail in the cats eye!

Have fun with the new camera!

Wow!! Incredible photos :) I'm looking forward to seeing what you capture next 👍

Omg that lens for the camera takes super powerful pictures I wish I had the possibility to buy one like that in Venezuela 😣

It does and I love it! Oh believe me, I was like this like 3 years ago. I wanted to buy an iPad pro and camera for my art... but I had nothing. It was Hive who helped me learn about blockchain stuff and I was able to save some to buy what I want! :D You will get there eventually! :)