Serene Melancholy

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It always feel cozy to watch sunset🌅


I will never get used to the beauty of a sunset. I don't know why I always found myself being amazed by it. There's something about it that warms my heart💖. If only I live near here, I would always watch the sunset by the sea. Well, I felt a little melancholy but at the same time serenity.

Here are the other photos I've taken last Saturday by the beach in Anilao, Mabini. Hope you like it!💖








How I wish that everyday would always end up like this.

Please do comments so I will know your insights. Keep safe!😉💞

(All of the photos were captured using Redmi Note 9 and photo enhanced using Adobe Lightroom)



Hi! Thank you for stopping by☺️
I'm a Nature Lover🌱 | Photography Lover 📸 | Book Lover 📚 | Music Lover 🎶
Human Being🙋
I appreciate you💖


Great shots of this beautiful natural event. I love the colors of the sunsets, and your photographs are truly captivating.

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