I have so much to catch up on here on Hive. Need to get back into it. Life has just been a bit fkn crazy. I will leave you with 'Alive' one of my latest from the outback of Australia. I will do a more detailed post on this soon.


If you would like to learn a little bit more about my background in photography you can read the interview @photofeed did with me here.

Robert Downie
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funny that 2 of the posts one after another on my feed are two photographers (@caseygrimley and you) saying that they are still alive :D

that is a weird patch of land.

lol that is crazy. what I have missed ? any saga with Hive I should know about?

it is hard to follow everything that is going on. leofinance made short form content (kinda a beta at the moment), splinterlands is working all over the place. there will be a new msg system connected with hive accounts and communities (testing is in the process, it mostly works).
live hivefest, live splinterfest.

you can stream sats for your 3speak videos and also transfer hive to lightning.

not a lot of drama.

So funny. I just posted my first photo on here in nearly 3 months. Haha, good to see your alive Rob!

And now I just saw @bil.prag comment. haha. I was on mobile for a minute.

I have to assume that’s a high aerial given your brief description but I did wonder if you’d taken a photo of a painting for a bit 😆

Glad you’re still alive and can relate to the insanity, don’t know if it’s that time of the year (probably?) but stuff has felt pretty insane here too 😵

Hope you’re going alright 🙃

What's been going on in Hive land?

Wow what a cool pattern. Nature is amazing.

It is the most amazing

Crazy patterns! Fully natural ones?
I hope You will get back to us and share some of such beauties You found :).
All the best to You!

Seriously one of my favorite shots of yours Rob!