Full time adventuring

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So we are about to head off full time adventuring again next week for 1-5 years. So this means I will have a bit more time to be back on Hive.

How is everyone going here? What is the vibe here like at the moment? It has been too long; hope everyone is well.


Ghost Ship.jpg


That sounds good, mate. Tell us more!

We are heading back to our boat (which is currently in the Caribbean) and we will see where the wind takes us

I remember those stories of you being there during covid. I am looking forward to your adventures!

Nice to see you back! There are not many good photographers left in my feed, especially ones of your level!
Good luck with the new adventure! I bet the kids will be all excited too :)

Glad to see your still here. I plan to spend more time back here. X (Twitter) is driving me nuts with shadow bans and censorship.

Looking forward to some great pics from exotic locales. Extended bear market has hurt the vibe a bit. Still some decent content.

Thanks. I will be more on here for sure.

Yay for adventuring!

What have you been up to when you weren’t able to get on?

Astonishing image.

Which kind of drone do you fly?

Many thanks for sharing.

This was taken with a Mavic 2 Pro

Hey mate, good to hear from you you and to hear you're off again, one must live life while one has it! I loved how you so accurately set the timeframe for the adventure, like within four years or so. I look forward to seeing you posting again with more terrible photos like the one in this post. 🤔🙄

The vibe here? I guess that depends who you ask...it's not what it once was, let's just say that huh? Still, I'm around as are a few of the oldies...it'll be good to see you back a little more often.

Vibe is always down in the bear. As for timeframes when your sailing you need to just let the wind take you so to speak; and with 3 kids we will see how long we last :-)

I assume you've been in NSW for a little while planning and preparing? You must be keen to get going; I would be. May the wind blow (gently and) favourably for much longer than one year.

Yes on the bear comment, many just disappear and then come back miraculously and with great flourish I guess. I'm glad to know my feed will improve now with your impending adventures.