gm. Here is a shot I took almost twenty years ago on slide film in the high altitude Himalayas. I'm still super proud of it.

I'm going through a massive life transition at the moment. I've done a lot of them, and one might think they get easier with more experience. However, they somehow just get emotionally deeper, as the retrospective comparisons compound. You simply have more reference points in the past to cross evaluate the present with.

On the climbing trek close to where I took this shot, we passed another group of climbers coming down from Island Peak to the base camp there. Sadly, one of their Sherpas had died, and they were carrying him down. Each night, they pitched a red tent on one side of the small river they were trekking along and put the body in it. The party then slept in green and yellow tents on the other side of the creek. It felt like the River Styx. A super powerful image that, two decades later, still hits me like a bucket of cold water. You never know when the music is going to stop.

Never forget the people and places that made you who you are today. In the end, all one has is a bunch of stories and hopefully, someone who cares enough to listen to them.

Hope everyone is well

The Clouds Have Rocks in Them - SuperRare.jpg


That's such a powerful experience. You never know when the music will stop... so true 😪

Collecting experience, creating experience, acting on experience... connected but not necessarily in balance. I guess that balance is a matter of life periods, as well. Largely. Focusing on all at the same time seems to not quite work in my case.

As photographers, we are a lot about Collecting and sharing with others.

I sometimes wonder what do we want from them the most.

Absolutely gorgeous mountain peaks!

someone who cares enough to listen to them.

this spoke to me. Who are we other than the person reflected back to us by the people around us?

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