The Pine Marten, stalking for prey, is an emblem of unyielding resilience even in the harshest conditions. A testament to the potent, raw spirit that throbs within even the smallest beings in the North.

These small predators are locked into relentless combat against the myriad of challenges that echo through the untamed expanses of the Northern wilderness. A vivid reminder that true ferocity and undaunted perseverance emanate not from mere physicality but from a tenacious spirit that refuses to be quelled.

The Pine Marten is also known as an American Marten (Martes americana). It is related to the wolverine and capable of hunting animals such as snowshoe hares and marmots.

Tenacity is the latest mint into my Northern Exposure series.



Also says something about the photographer who would hang around in those kinds of conditions waiting for shots like this XD

Thanks Ryivhnn

Great capture. Martens are in Vermont but quite elusive. I’ve been here 2 plus years and get out hiking in the woods a far bit but never seen one.

Yes they are hard to find