The King

The King is my latest piece I have added to my Northern Exposure series.
The King.jpg

The King is a Grizzly bear surveying his domain after waking up from winter hibernation. It is a sister shot to Ursus arctos horribilis which was collected by the legendary Deeze.

Intrepid-Ursus arctos horri
![Northern Exposurex.jpg](

They are both part of my Northern Exposure Series on SuperRare. (

Northern Exposure is a series of work I produced after spending almost three years in Northern Canada. It's intent is to immerse you in the far North. The cold, the isolation, the resilience of the people. I don't want you to see the North, I want you to feel the North with these images.

Northern Exposurex.jpg

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If you would like to learn a little bit more about my background in photography you can read the interview @photofeed did with me here.

Robert Downie
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Awesome shots! I wouldnt feel too confident, getting close to a bear 😅

lol no they are a wee bit scary

Those claws 😳

It definitely feels way too cold over there and that’s just from looking at these photos.

Cold indeed ser

Those are some teeth alright. I hope I never learn what grizzly breath smells like 😂

Looking at the colour of them I cant imagine the breath is good lol

Must be good to be king!

Yep I guess it must be lol

The King is great. The detail of the claws on the tree is awesome. I really like the church photo in your Northern Exposure series. I'm a sucker for small Frontier churches set against the wilderness. I have a photo of a small white, wood frame church in Lake City, Colorado somewhere in my archives. Time to go digging...

Thanks. I love that part of the world too; makes me think how hardy they must have been the early settlers, no heating and -40C winters.

Hard to tell if I can feel the North from these images or if it's just that it is really cold here in Utah right now (23°F).
I definitely love them though!

lol thanks Casey. We will have to meet up one day.

I have loved this series since you first shared it months ago! I'm quite curious how you managed to be take these images of the bear. How far away were you and how aware was the bear that you were there? There's a real sense of being right there.

Thanks Dan. Super stoked you made it to hive. I think you will like the long format here a lot more than over on twitter.

Wow. You really have some work of art here.


Ursus arctos horribilis

Urs is the translation of bear in my native language. I guess all the languages sprung from mine :))

Daamm looks at those claws!! they are intimidating!!

i wonder how you took those photos, how you protected from the bear. where you in a car??

I took them from a 400m lens; so about 60-80ft away I guess.

Faaaaaaarrrrrk! As an Australian woman who grew up in spending a lot of time outdoors, I'm terrified of large predators; we have so few in Australia! Give me a highly venomous snake instead any day of the week! !LOL

I am Australian also (lived in Canada for 3 years) but funny to see the Canadians phobic of spiders and snakes when they have these guys and cougars and wolverines running around.

Aha! Yes, I guess it goes to show how much we naturally fear the unknown, hey?

Amazing shots!

Your style is absolutely lovely. The atmosphere of these shots fills me with so much loneliness and intrigue..

And of course, incredible photos of the grizzly bear! 😱 I would hate to be anywhere near that fellow!

I love how the first in the series shows off the teeth and "the King" shot casually shows off the claws

Something amazing. Great shots. I might have to replace the diaper 😅.

In these places, technology gives way to luck. (Luck still wins technology in these areas.) The North gives people the courage and determination that a warmer climate is just around the corner. Beautiful and unique photos. You are a stubborn and purposeful person, this is the only way to get such photos, this is a masterpiece

Thank you 🫡