Love waking up to these inversions on this little island in the sky. I shot these this past week on the morning of the winter solstice (otherwise known to photographers as the easiest morning to get up for the sunrise).

Wombanook Winter Solstice.jpg

The prominent peak in the background is Mount Warrawolong, the highest point of the Watagan Mountains at 641 metres (2,103 ft) above sea level. I need to make more of an effort to get out and shoot locally. While a part time hermit; I am a prolific traveller. And it is too easy to take for granted what is around you as one dreams of far away locations.


This ridge is our little home, we call it Wombanook. You can see our little cabin on the left and our office 80m to the right where I am typing this up righty now.


Hope everyone is well and super bullish on how well Hive is holding up in this bear market.

If you would like to learn a little bit more about my background in photography you can read the interview @photofeed did with me here.

Robert Downie
Love Life, Love Photography

All images in this post were taken by and remain the Copyright of Robert Downie - http://www.robertdowniephotography.com


Up with the sun enjoying the cool weather, awesome inversion photography over the valley.

Thanks. Love inversions; so nice to wake up to.

Not living high altitude to experience too often, always lovely to see.

Wow, what a lovely corner of the universe you have there!

Thanks it's a nice little hermitage

Looks like a magical place🤩❤️

Great captures, such a magical time of day for your cabin in the clouds.

Yep it is magical this time of year here

Lovely little hidden world. How did you shoot this shot? From a nearby peak? or drone?

It's shot from a drone

Very nice. Love your work and been following for a long time. Please do come join our new drone community and tag us when you post these gems! It's just called "drone" now up to 66 members and growing! Weekly drone pic of the week contests.

Wow cool. I am hopefully be back here a bit more now its a bear market (I am counter cyclical ;-). Will check out the group.

Awesome, looking forward to your posts!

Good old Aus...Never fails to throw up something amazing.

Hope your well mate. I have not been on Hive as much as I should have but life and three kids and two jobs and all that.

Hey mate, yep going well over here, just living life, working, playing, eating and sleeping. You're clearly busy and that's ok, you have to prioritise.

Wooooooooow that is very amazing man

Quite the view from your place.

It is not a bad place to hang out. When are you coming to visit ?

Damn your home looks nice here. I just want to explore all that forest

Mate you have no excuse for not bringing your family up for a visit. I am sure we can find a vineyard which makes meatballs in the hunter valley ;-)

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Impresionantes imágenes, que exaltan su técnica fotográfica. aliriera