Admiring Some Logs on the Beach

During one of our visits to Winkle Spruit in Amanzimtoti, just south of Durban, South Africa, we went to Winkle Rocks. Winkle Rocks is a beautiful rock formation just below St. Winifred's Beach in the Winkle Spruit area.

These photos were taken after we've had some bad weather and stormy seas. A lot of debris came down the rivers and washed out on the beaches.

Yet, some of these logs created the opportunity to get some nice photos, creating a beauty of their own.

This piece of wood was solidly planted into the sand. I have no idea if it was at the hands of some human being or how it ended up in this position.


Although it is visible in the photo above, looking from a different angle in the next photo, you can see two logs sticking out from behind the rocks as well.


A little more to the right, this log was lying on the rocks.


Looking at the same log from a different angles...



Getting up close to this log, I was able to capture a little splash too...


I found another log between the rocks which fascinated me...


The combination of the log and the rocks around it provided a nice frame to get a photo of a little pool that was forming behind it as the surf came out onto the beach.


The same pool is visible in the next photo, but it had a smooth surface by now.


I loved all the detail in the rough wood at the bottom end of the log...


To end this post, let's take a closer look at the detail at the bottom of the log...



And that's it for today, folks.

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Much impressive and gorgeous view specially the sight In which water is hitting the stones. Photographic skill looks very deep and awesome

I'm glad you enjoyed my photos, @sahilkhan! Thank you for the feedback! I do appreciate it!

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Thank you, @ewkaw, and the @qurator Team, for manually curating my post! I do appreciate it!

Amanzimtoti is one of the many beaches we visit when I was a child. Still love that place although I am a pensioner now.

Hi, @riki1! I'm glad I brought back some nice memories for you. We moved down to the coastal area 20 years ago, and yes, we love the Amanzimtoti area as well. We go there often👍!

Thanks for stopping by, I do appreciate it!