AUDI - Luxurious, yet Sporty...

About two weeks ago, I did a post, Admiring the AUDI RS Q8, where I shared some photos I took while visiting a local AUDI dealership.

It looked like you enjoyed the post, so I decided to share more photos from my visit to the AUDI dealer.

This visit took place by invitation from one of the sales reps and he gave me access to every area where cars are kept.

Today, I would like to share more photos from that visit.

Today's photos will show you some brand-new vehicles on display in the showroom on the ground floor.

My focus for today will be on some of the luxury models. However, these are the flagships of the respective models and are built for performance while providing you with all the luxury you want simultaneously.


Let's start with the SQ 5.

According to AUDI's website, the AUDI SQ 5 is an SUV with an emphasis on the "S".

This is what they say on their website:

Reach destinations quickly, master challenges with confidence and make a visual statement – the Audi SQ5.

Here are some photos I took of the AUDI SQ 5.


In the next image, I had to turn down the exposure due to taking the photo toward the bright light.

But the SQ 5 name tag at the back of the vehicle leaves no doubt about its identity.


At the front, the "S" is also proudly displayed on the grill!


A nice description as it appears on AUDI's website...

"The 3.0-litre V6 TFSI engine with 260kW and the electric compressor accelerate the Audi SQ5 from 0 to 100 km/h in 5.4 seconds and swiftly on to its electronically regulated top speed of 250 km/h. The power transmission takes place through fast and convenient gear changes via the 8-speed tiptronic. The standard quattro permanent all-wheel drive with self-locking centre differential distributes power variably between the front and rear axles. The basic distribution is 40 : 60. However, up to 70% can be directed to the front or up to 85% to the rear to facilitate even more traction. This lets the Audi SQ5 confidently master a wide range of difficult conditions."


Next up is the Audi RS 5 COUPE.


According to AUDI's website, the AUDI RS 5 is... "When pure dynamism takes shape - the Audi RS 5 Coupé² embodies high performance in impressive form. Performance is an attitude."


Next, I had a look at the AUDI S6 TSFI QUATTRO.


This sedan is the sports model of the AUDI A6.


AUDI calls this "powerful elegance".

They have the following to say about the AUDI S6 on their website...

  • "New design accents on the front and rear ends enhance the sporty appearance of the Audi S6 Sedan. The Audi Singleframe with a new structure looks particularly dynamic."


  • "The power in the Audi S6 Sedan is generated by a 2.9 litre V6 TFSI engine. With its output of 331kW and maximum torque of 600 Nm, you can accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in 4.5 seconds."


Yes, even the big AUDI A8 has a sports model, the AUDI S8.


This vehicle is huge and impressive. Most of the time, I think this is what you will see if you see one on the


Once again, the "S" is proudly displayed so that you know what you are dealing with...


The vehicle was parked very close to the window of the showroom. So, due to limited space, it was hard to get a decent photo from the front, but I managed to get this shot...


Again, according to AUDI, "S" is for sporty. And according to their website, "With the Audi S8, the business sedan in its sportiest form, you will reach your destination quickly and relaxed."

"Feel performance on every drive thanks to technologies for enhanced driving dynamics, such as quattro with sport differential and dynamic all-wheel steering", according to AUDI.

More to Come...

Yes, I suppose you can see that I had a ball of a!

And if you enjoy these photos/posts, I'll share some photos next Thursday of some exciting AUDI models. I'm talking about the AUDI TT and the AUDI R8...

But for today, this is where I will end my post.

Thank you for reading my post! I do appreciate it!