Birds, Bugs, and the Beach!

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I've been really enjoying my new camera — the Nikon Z50 — this past week. It's such a fantastic camera, especially when you compare it to my old Nikon D5000.

It's so much lighter, faster, snappier, sharper, better.

I'm very happy with my upgrade. 😊

Today I would like to share a few photos I've taken with it. They're not the best photos ever, but they're my favourites I've taken so far!



While my partner was mowing the lawn, I found this honeyeater scavenging leaves and things for its nest. There were two of them but they were never in the same place at the same time, sadly. I would've liked to have taken a photo of them together.



Some buzzy bees! 🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝 The second photo isn't nicely composed or anything, but I really love how I caught the bee mid-flight and you can see the flecks of pollen in its fuzz.


Once again, this native bee isn't nicely composed, but it's literally the first photo I took with the camera and I was amazed at how crisp and clear it was.

I really need to invest in a macro lens. The one I want costs the same amount as this camera-lens-kit did. 😆 So it might be a little while before I buy one.


Some lorikeets from mine and my son's trip to the park the other day. You can find the original in this post but I wanted to edit it so that the lorikeets were more prominent.

I started off with just a greyscale background, but then I tried sepia and it just seemed to fit a lot better and wasn't so harsh on the eyes. 😊 There's a mode inbuilt in the camera to do things like this as you take the photo, but I'd rather edit afterwards.


We popped down to Hervey Bay for lunch with some friends on the weekend and I wanted to spend some time before lunch playing with my camera.

Unfortunately the area we were in was quite uninspiring and the pier here with the clouds above was one of the only photos I considered 'good' from the little photoshoot.


While I was looking for bees, this random ladybug flew over and settled around the flowers... before being scared away by my crazed child. xD

I like the edit I did to this — it's the same as what I did to the honeyeater at the start of this post but with this plant and this ladybug, I find that it looks kind of whimsical. I like it.


To finish off — here is a rather regal looking magpie.


Until next time!! 😊📷



All photos in this post are courtesy of me, @kaelci and were taken with a Nikon Z50 and 50-250mm lens.


Wow! Ultra HD pictures. My favourite one was fourth picture (The bee flying) because I really liked how the camera captured the movement of the bee's wings in such detail :o .

Enjoy your new purchase :)


Cheers! 😃 I really like that bee too!

Nice capture of beautiful nature. The Colour is just poped-up beautifully.

Wow! Those are wonderful photography. Birds and bee and also other photography looks amazing. Nicely captured

Thank you 🙂