Low tide

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Low tide. It leaves behind a wet desert near the actual sea. At the end of December this year, it would be twenty years since several large waves dredged this place. Before that, the place was several coastal villages. It all disappeared for good on that day. But you still feel it there. On the wide expanse of sand, the surface of which is carved with ripples, you sometimes step on muddy areas. The mud is sometimes so thin, that you can feel the dense, hard soil beneath. Perhaps, in the past, it was a coconut grove, or a yard where children played and ran around. It is a historical site.

March. The sun is uncompromising this month. It's like it will absorb and lift all the moisture from the surface. The wind may seem to help you survive the heat, but it can do nothing to keep your skin from darkening. The heat was too strong, even for native inhabitants who did not have shells.







Acorn worm
"At low tide, they stick out their rear ends at the surface and excrete coils of processed sediments (casts)." (Wikipedia)


Day 1.

Today I started hunting for valuable things like whale teeth, or elephant tooth fossils, ambergris, or maybe, some gold. I realize this is not a good season to be there. Not much luck might be expected. But, at least, I had familiarized myself with the place while waiting for June to bring me torrential rains and storms, which is the real hunting season.

(If my observations are wrong, will you tell me! Please, wish me luck!)


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Not really. I've been absent for some time. This is just my new project. But yeah, thanks for saying hello.😁