Some small things

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Before descending into the grayness of the beach sand, I want to please my eyes with soft and softly colored things. My mind thought of flowers, but here, under the hot sun, few types of flower plants were able to grow wild without any care. Usually, they are the flowers that emerge and bloom from the bushes. They survive well in the tropical heat, and are rarely seen without their pretty little flowers at all times. The sea breeze that blows during the day plus the flowers makes the atmosphere comfortable and peaceful. And, I saw these little purple flowers on the river bank.



Yes, a goat is there too.


View of a fishing village with fishing boats lining the shore.


Then I saw this wasp hanging in such a way. I had no idea what it was doing.


On a dry twig that I thought pointed to the northwest corner, a butterfly that was very common here was perched. Yes, it looks normal, and doesn't raise any question marks, unlike the wasp earlier.


Goats again, a group. I think it's the livestock that likes areas like this the most.

And then, I went down to the sand to find this animal with only one claw left. Whether it might be old, I didn't know, but it looked charismatic, like it had been through many battles