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For me, taking pictures close to the waves would be risky. One splash would burn what I had, and I'd be out of the game for good, or at most it would take a long time to scrape together the money to buy a new camera, even a cheap one. But who wouldn't be tempted by the thick foam that the waves push into the rock cavities. I won't stand the temptation of sensations like that. I ignored the bad thoughts and tried to think about the good ones. I had to do it, otherwise I would miss out on this exciting experience.

At first I was in a balanced position.


When a wave pushed lightly into the rock cavity, I corrected my position, crouching slightly, but ended up swaying a bit.


A moment later, it came. I immediately swayed a little more, but still held on.


Still holding on.


Still holding on.


Still holding on.


And here it is!


I spontaneously got up, and immediately ran away. That was the last shot, and I immediately ran for my life!🙂

A small experience that probably only lasts about a second, but it's quite fun. Could this be proof that I love photography? Hopefully so.😜

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I guess you first need a good escape plan, then go on those rocks 😁
I know people who dropped their camera in the sea the last day of their trip, which went straight down to the bottom, so I understand you.
You took some great photos regardless of the risks 😉

😄 Yes it should be, but I didn't think of that. Poor planning!😁 At that time I immediately raised my camera high, so if I get splashed, my camera is still safe! Actually, my camera has been plunged into water once, but it was fresh water.😜

BTW, thank you very much for your kindness, giving me a reply. Much appreciated!🙂

Always my pleasure 😊