The trees

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The trees. Modifications will continue. That's what makes old items have antique value. But things of principle continue for a long time. Most of the time, it's never replaced, and that's not just about stuff! That's because these principal matters are things demanded by a natural environment that are difficult to bargain with. The fishing boats were still made of strong and hard wood; from trees that are sometimes difficult to find. Building a fishing boat often seems to have to wait until the necessary wood is available. I just imagined how the creaking of the boat's planks would sound as it sailed through the waves. It's a scary sound, actually. But, everyone in it looked ordinary. The wood looked so patient and calming.

Flood. In the rainy season, rain falls for a duration that is difficult to predict when it will stop. It rained very heavily and sometimes violently, without the slightest consideration whether the rivers could accommodate the outpouring. It just rains. The overflow sometimes hits the riverbank, uprooting trees. They seemed resigned to drifting away, without the slightest protest. From upstream to downstream, it continues to follow the current, and then, later, it is thrown into the sea, skinned by the waves, then thrown back to the beach. It just shows patience.











Day 3

Today I left the field where I made observations two days ago. I went to check out other beach locations that might have the potential to become my "hunting" field. I collected several items that I thought had similarities to ambergris. At home, I did a test, and it turned out the items were just stones. As a beginner in this hunt, I think I have started to make progress, namely having the courage to pick up things that look valuable even though they are actually useless.


Nice photos, I wonder how the big wood reach that beach.

Thank you very much!
The wood was carried away by river floods, and that is not uncommon here during the rainy season.

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