Broken glasses

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Photography as a form of art

What's up Hive community?

As a photographer I always liked to make new and strange experiments.

I think photography is a form of art that can be expressed in many different ways.


And I think that art can also be an expression of someone's deepest emotions, hopes, fears, love and why not, even madness.


Then it is absolutely normal if somebody would not understand every kind of art there is out there, but I guess that is also why art is here, not only as an expression of the artist, but also to stimulate an emotive reaction to the person who is experiencing the piece of art.


Many times the artist is questioned about the meaning of his/her art.
I would like to answer this question on this particular piece of art saying:

Sometimes we just do things without a particular meaning, just following the inspiration of the moment, doing what we simply feel like doing, the mind suddenly stops and the doing comes natural without effort, fluid and confident. In these moments we are truly living. So don't ask me what it means, but don't ask yourself either. Just observe, feel and be.


So don't ask me why, ask yourself why you wanna know, if you really wanna ask something. Or as I said, just forget all the questions and just fully live every single moment.


I hope you guys enjoyed the photos and my writing, if you did, don't forget to smash the like button and help this blog grow anyway you feel like!

...and don't forget to be here...and now!



Love these shots! Good one

I broke my favorite lucky sunglasses @ the end of this summer too... (exactly there)
That's happening with all things, we're attached to... I guess...

Moving on...