Photoshoot on the Mountain II

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During our hike in the mountains around the town of Bad Gastein Austria I engaged my wife in a bit of an impromptu photoshoot.

P.S. this is the re-written "lost post" that I was referring to previously. Let's hope that it works this time, for my sanity's sake.


We don't always do this sort of thing, aside from taking the odd picture here and there, but every once in a while we find a particularly scenic location to snap off a lot of photos. The deep vibrant blue of the mountains in the distance this day made for an especially nice backdrop.


I took quite a few pictures from various angles and with various lenses on my phone.


It was one of the situations where i was like:


Look to the right...


Okay, now look to the left...


Now straight ahead...


Great! Now let's go walk 15 feet and do the same thing on that bench over there.


Normally I would go through such photos and only keep the very best to post in my blog but this time around I couldn't tell which I actually prefer so I've decided to just go ahead and post them all.


They are all very similar but I like every one of them. It's more the subject matter than the photographs I think...

Wait is that a bridge!


Okay look out at the scenery...


Now look back at the camera...


My wife even took a few pictures of me that day.


I'm not a fan of them but no one ever likes photos of themselves, it's sort of like hearing your own voice on tape... Side track: Do the folks who have video channels and/or the ones that make tik tok videos have that same issue or are they so used to hearing themselves that their voice no longer sounds strange to them?


Anyway, I figure that it's only fair that I post a few of myself.


Well thats it for now. If you are interested in seeing more of our trip to Austria then stay tuned, there's more to come. Until next time, thanks for stopping by.


Ah, there you go... Hooray! Your post is visible!!!

Stunning views indeed give me a feeling of calmness.
You both must have been in high spirits, but we see why you liked every one of the photos.

No, I hate listening to my voice, and I rarely like a photo of myself 🙃

It worked this time, luckily.
Yeah I think that is the common reaction to hearings oneself

Let's hope that it works this time, for my sanity's sake.

It worked 😇

Such beautiful views!!

Seeing ourselves in photos is easier (though we see ourselves as weird or as strangers haha) than listening to our recorded voice. I don't like the latter 🤐

The views were quite nice that day 👌

Yeah me neither. Sounds like a stranger talking lol. If only other people could here us the way that we hear ourselves lol

If only other people could hear us the way that we hear ourselves lol

Hahaha, yeah... unfortunately, it's not the case 😂

It is unfortunate... such is life lol

Ah man I love traveling via reading friend's blogs. Those pictures will go across all of her social media accounts and will have all of her friends dishing her compliments! Looking back on them, you will be transported right back to the fresh air and incredible perspective. I keep getting distracted by the last shot where it almost looks like we are peering straight down on the fields and forests.

When I eventually make my way to Austria, I will say Leaky sent me.

She doesn't post a lot of herself to social media surprisingly. A few photos here and there but not all that much really.

I'm glad that the posts are inspiring someone to check out the locations. 👍

I think that place deserved some great photos like these, Also... You are good models for this.

I recently traveled to places like this in Argentina and it's almost impossible not to take some shots, I hope you had a great time. The best for you guys 🙂⛰️✨

!discovery 40

Yeah, at some locations where the scenery is nice and the conditions right, the photos just take themselves lol. Helps having a good model too!

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hahaha I felt identified with u, cuz I don't like to be photographed either and I don't like to listen to my voices, haha. I see that I'm not the only one :D. Btw, beautiful all the pics🫶

Yeah, I think its pretty common to feel that way. We are not alone in that 😃

What kind of place is this?
It is so beautiful and even looks like you are close to the sky
You had a nice time with your wife there and the pictures are lovely too
Nice one!

It's on a mountain. We were hiking that day so I guess we were a little higher in the sky. 😁

I would sit on such a bench for days on end)) And sometimes I would lie down)))

Haha yeah, it was quite the spot. Would be nice to watch the sunset behind the mountains

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Thanks for the support 😁

A cool bench. The view from it is fantastic.

Thanks 👍 😊
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What a view!! Amazing!