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Nepal has variation in its topographical level. Climate and lifestyle varies according to the topography. There are three geographical regions in Nepal. One is the Mountain region, where 8 out of 10 World Highest Mountain are located along with many other mountains, peaks, ranges. Other is the Hilly region covered by hills and green forests. And the last one is Terai region which has flat land. I live in hilly region and Terai is completely different from Hilly in terms of its land structure, climate, lifestyle, culture and tradition.

Terai region is located to south of Nepal. The climate here is hot. People here build thatched roof house and grow varieties of crops than any other regions. as land is fertile in this region. The above photos were from one of the district in Terai region known as Mahottari. I went there last year to attend my friend's marriage party. I did stayed there for 2 days. I wasn't used to staying in hot temperature but evening here is cool. Was a nice village to visit to experience a completely different life style.


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