Autumn Flower - Cosmos

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These flowers I shot in late September 2022. There was a strong, gusty wind that day. I was testing how I could cope with the focus capture. There were some things I wanted to shoot that didn't work out the way I wanted to. But overall I am happy with the result. Here are some pictures.
Perhaps the first photo would be suitable for participation in Photo Quest by @qurator, theme: Fragility.

Cosmos flowers are so fragile with delicate petals.



Oh, Focus!😳😏But this is so unusual. 🤔

A little creativity in black and white

Camera: Sony α7 III
Software: Lightroom

Original photos by @leylar


Greetings, in your images it can be seen that they are really very delicate flowers, I love the color purple and every opportunity that nature offers us to include it in photography. Seasonal flowers make us appreciate them even more because we can only enjoy them at a specific time of the year and then we have to wait to see them again.

It's real pretty for me tho love the color!

Красота какая! Замечательные фотографии!