Thanks so much for the compliment!! And yes, that would be awesome!

I found it:
I may send few entries as well, from my Bernina Express (the Swiss Alps) trip ;) Still few days to participate. Good luck!

Thanks very much!! Yes, that is an awesome train ride!!!

well... based on the theme, my image doesn't stand a chance hahaha: “The future is rail: cleaner, smarter, connected” My image doesn't fit the "cleaner"aspect :-D

I can't say what's behind their minds - if they are looking for some contrasts, maybe it'll be great? :D

Origin of the photos: the 12 winning photos should reflect cultural diversity.

Since this is one of the "rules", I think your image can perfectly compete for the prices. It does reflect an authentic culture that reminds you of earlier times.

Ah! Thanks for diving into the details!!