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Hello everyone!!!!! I will be posting some photos of a photoshooting i did to a friend. I usually do female portrait but this time i will be bringing some male fashion pictures. I was making some scout around my little town and i find a nice place to take some photos, so i hope you enjoy it. Regards.

Hola a [email protected]!!!!!! Esta vez voy a estar posteando algunas fotos durante esta semana que le hice a un amigo. Usualmente hago retratos femeninos, pero les vendré posteando en este caso fotos artísticas a un modelo masculino. Así es, que estaba explorando algunos lugares de mi pueblo y encontré uno perfecto para esta serie de fotos que hice. Espero les guste mucho. Saludos.




portraitphotoshop/ lightroomKodak AZ 361

Te quedaron geniales las fotos, saludos!

gracias por el apoyo. Saludos.

Great photos and editing! Nice to change it up and take pictures of a man I'm sure. You did a nice job. I like the last one the best but all 3 are good. @ryzeonline just made made a post where he edited some Hiver's photos. I wonder what you think of his editing skills?

anyway, well done. Wishing you more opportunities to take other pictures out of your usual.

~love, Cyn

thanks for de support. Regards, i will check @ryzeonline about editing. Stay safe.


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