A Woodland Macro Adventure - This morning's trip to Shouldham Warren.

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Hey guys

Spent a few hours walking around our local woodland this morning with the macro gear. There's a lot more variety down there than in my back garden so it was nice to find some subjects that I haven't shot before. It was better earlier on in the day - as it warms up things tend to get a bit more skittish and hard to get a shot of. Enjoy these images, shot with the Canon 90D, Sigma 105 Macro and Craftybells macro diffuser.











Manually curated by ackhoo from the Qurator Team. Keep up the good work!

Wonderful collection you got here...
That first bee(?) looks like it was tight-rope walking, and slipped! 😄

Yeah, not sure what it was doing, just hanging on there like that. Very strange.

You found an actor bee...! Lol....

The deep effect gives it a great magic wise choice to add black edges i like it

great to find really charismatic models. and needless to say your successful shoot. successful macros..

For macro photography, it is good to go around and explore. I do this too. and I like the great models and shots you captured. congratulations

This collection is great man, just great, I can't imagine your patience to get each of these pics, I love them