Jewel Beetle and Red Paper Wasp Insects Photography

Hello Insects Photography Lovers,

This Tuesday Photography Challenge is insects photography. This is most beautiful Jewel Beetle and Red Paper Wasp Insects macro photography..

Green Jewel Beetle Photography

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Jewel beetles are known for their striking and often metallic colors, which can range from iridescent greens, blues, and purples, to more muted browns and blacks. Jewel beetles are bore into trees and other woody plants as larvae, feeding on the wood.

Red Paper Wasp Photography

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The red paper wasp also known as Polistes carolina. The social wasp found in North America. They are social insects living in colonies with a single queen and several workers. Red paper wasps are predators and feed on other insects such as caterpillars and spiders.

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Enjoy the beautiful Nature.
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@melissaparada Great photos! 📷❤️This beetle looks amazing !