A Collection of Bugs

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Bugs are always around us but their beauty is not always seen unless you really take the time to pay attention. Macro is a opportunity to see them in a larger than life form.

Fly rests on a green leaf.
Nikon D90 1/250 sec f/6.3 ISO-250 at 50mm

Damselfly, often found where you might find dragonflies but much harder to spot.
Nikon D90 1/250 sec f/5.6 ISO-250 at 300mm

Ladybug, when you see them they are unmistakable but then can be so small and fly off so quickly that you might not get a chance to see many.
Nikon D90 1/500 sec f/3.2 ISO-250 at 50mm
Nikon D90 1/160 sec f/6.3 ISO-250 at 35mm

Tiny little green bug cliging to a single blade of grass, the smallest of the set maybe about the size of a grain of rice.
Nikon D90 1/160 sec f/6.3 ISO-250 at 35mm


Bugs on green leaf. It looks so perfect. Amazing work

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