[Averrhoa Carambola] Plant Photography, "Boeh Liemeng Sagoe" (Acehnese), "Belimbing/Belimbing Manis" (Indosenian), "Statfruit" (English).

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Hi everybody i want to share with you all my best friends . And I will show you everything that is about all the beauty I have ever seen, all the beauties like the beast, the beauty of nature and the animal animals I will dedicate everything to you all my faithful companions, thank you for following and giving some votes to me.

One day during my spare time, I was bored. Then I tried to go out into the yard and take a look, because there were quite a lot of plants in my yard because my parents liked flora and fauna. While I was walking around I was attracted by a very young plant, which was recently planted by my parents. This plant in my area is commonly known as "Boeh Liemeng Sagoe" (Acehnese), which in Indonesian is known as "BELIMBING/BELIMBING MANIS". And I was curious about the scientific name. I tried to search for it on Google and I found the scientific name is "Averrhoa carambola". And immediately I captured it with my cellphone camera and this is the result, as you can see.