Hunting for the moment of a lightning strike will be conducted in October 2023

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Hello Hivean Everyone

How are you all today, I hope you are doing well wherever you are


It's been a long time since I shared my photography content with a community that has a collection of photographers spread across various parts of the world. Yes, of course with amazing photography work.

I often get inspiration from photos shared by friends in this community. When I don't have an idea to make a photo. So, it was in this community that I got the idea. So, I say a big thank you to friends in this community.

So, in this post I share several pictures of natural phenomena that we often encounter. As we know, Indonesia only has two seasons, namely dry and rainy.

Currently, the rainy season has entered, but it is not evenly distributed throughout Indonesia. There are several areas still experiencing drought. However, where I live. Now the rainy season has begun.

As usual, when the weather starts to get cloudy. I always hunt for lightning flash phenomena. Yes, even though sometimes I fail to get that moment. Two days ago, I took a photo of it but I failed to get it.

Tonight, I photographed it again. And I still failed to get the perfect one. I only got what is seen in the photo I am sharing now. Nevertheless, I will try at the next opportunity. Yes, hopefully I can get a better picture than what I got today.

OK, that's all my post this time. Hopefully you will be entertained and like it.







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All Picture Taken With Sony A7II Camera
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