The form of Secret. Photoshoot.

in Photography Lovers3 months ago (edited)

So there is a times when I just train, that means that I do photoshoots just for the sake of doing it, so I'm in the game, I keep my second nature which is photographing people. It's like brushing the teeth, it's like eating for me, so if I don't do that for too long I feel weird, I feel not right then I have to do something simple even the shoot when I just do nothing other that hold my camera and without effort shoot.

Down below is one of those shoots when I was just hungry to do something anything, it's always good to have friends who wants to shoot with you, and you can also feel comfortable with your style, so you can back on track and deal with your hunger. Here is an actual still images from little video, but I thought it's worth to show it.

They are delicate, let's say sensual and almost erotic, but I didn't pass the border and kept it in a good taste manner so I can create this from of the secret. Do you like it?