Hike #42a: Around Králický Sněžník (Czechia/Poland)

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Hello fellow Hivians!

Welcome to the next episode of photo-series dedicated to hiking adventures. This time I am going to share with you a couple of posts covering multi-day trek mostly alongside the mountains between Polish and Czech borderline. I started in Jeseníky mountains (Czechia), went through Králický Sněžník(Czechia/Poland) and ended back in Jeseníky mountains. Here is first day and night of my trek. Enjoy😉

I get train to get to little village Ostružná (which is located in Jeseníky mountains) where I am about to begin my journey. My loyal companion - this backpack - weighs 12 kilos (including some water).

End of October. No doubt autumn is here.


Wood-destroying little paths.

Wooden bear family by the Bear lodge (Medvědí bouda in Czech).

Prickly thistle. It never disappoints.

Almost noon. Sun rays do incredible spectacle today. Here with spider webs.

It's foggy and wet. Rays do magic tricks again.





After I leave the forest, I am just above the cloud cover (some 950 m). Just awesome! The peak above the clouds is called Králický Sněžník (1423 m). There is a new and ugly (in my opinion) lookout tower on it (I will be passing there in the next episode of this trek series). That tiny smudge in the sky, that is either a bird or a fly😃


I am approaching the lodge at Kladské sedlo (815 m). The owners must be lovers of rock plants and mountains, I suppose.

Still foggy, but I do not mind much as they have great local and craft beer by Welzl brewery from Zábřeh on the tap.

After short break, I am on the road again. IMG_20221028_141613-01.jpeg

Mysteriously dominating calmness. Love it!


After I spent almost whole day in woods without solid views, at 4 pm I finally find the right spot above the clouds! It is not far away from the mountain Stříbrnická (1250 m).

Panorama with core mountain ridges of Jeseníky mountains (from left to right, ranging between 1300-1500m: Šerák, Keprník, Vozka,... Praděd, Vysoká hole).

Sun goes down quickly these days, must enjoy its last rays.

9 kilometers as the crow flies from my place, you can find really fabulous observation tower Dalimilova rozhledna which was built quite recently there. Originally, it used to stand on Králický Sněžník, but they moved it to today's location. True masterpiece I dare to say. I have not been there yet. Just to give you an idea how it looks like (photos of the tower by Mapy.cz users).

Anyhow, here is the tower (in the middle of the scenery) above the clouds from my perspective. Zoomed in (digitally) a couple of times.

And if my smartphone camera fails to zoom in on distant objects, my binoculars are here to help! The turret still above the quilt from clouds.

The gallery will be gone in 5 minutes too😄

Hammock anchored, top views secured.

Almost 6 pm. Sun went down an hour ago. Time to go bed.

Nearly 7 pm, it is pitch-dark. This one was taken from the warmed sleeping bag in the swinging hammock. The red light on right belongs to the Dalimil's observation tower, while the central one is from communications tower on the mountain Praděd. Besides, those light spots on the cloud cover, that is street lighting of villages below the clouds😄

Here is approx. itinerary of the first day of the trek.

This was 28th October, 2022. Thank you for reading this post. If you like it, stay tuned as more trekking adventures will definitely come. In the meantime, don't forget to check out my Pinmapple profile to see all places I have visited on the map! See you on the trail😉



Ah finally! I get what I subscribed for. I’ve been waiting a long time since I hit the follow button on your profile to check out some cool pictures from you. The biggest coincidence just happened. I was literally just referring to you in a comment I left on @phortun’s post trying to remember your username.

The second picture of the leaves looks amazing. They seem to be wet and shiny from some kind of fog or something.

I like those pictures of the trees scattering the sun rays too. Oh and you got more mountain top cloud shot for me. Lovely! Amazing! Beautiful!

Hey man, what camera do you use, if you don’t mind me asking:)

😁 Happy you appreciate my work as it really takes some time to put together post like this.

As for my camera, no cutting edge device, just Huawei P30. These days, there are way better smarthphone cameras producing better shots, so I am considering getting better one to uplift quality of my posts😊

You want to get a smartphone? I wanted to sell my smartphone, to get a good camera and a smaller smartphone. I’m developing an interest in photography and even though my phone takes great shots, I think I’ll do better with a professional camera.

yep, always smartphne. I don't really have room for heavy camera when I am on the road. Besides, with smartphone i can get images within a snap of thingers. I know the shots may not be that superb, still I can live with that. My opinion😉

Yeah true. Mobile phones are easier to carry around and best for quick shots. I guess you’ll only be swapping ease of access and use for slightly higher pixels. Sounds like a fair trade:)

Natural and wonderful scenery. Pictures are magnificent

Indeed, thanks 😉

What a lovely view you had right there!! you must be sooo relaxed man 😍

I must admit one of the best spots where I have relaxed so far😀
But do not worry, I work hard to find more like this one😄

Wow.. I wish to visit this kind of place too someday

Just buy (flight)ticket to Central Europe😉

You got some stunning shots, especially the ones in the forest!!

Thank you🙏

This looks like a nice trip!

Some one told me that trees like this are old way's to point out the direction! They cut of a branch so it was pointing the way to the trail! After many years they grow back like this!

Oh, that is interesting piece of info. Next time I go by I check if it shows any meaningful direction. Thanks!

I thought I saw it in a documentary about the American Indians... but not sure anymore

Tak nějak jsem nevěděl, co obdivovat více. Jestli panoramata, pavučiny nebo "sluneční hrátky" s mlhou. "Mé" kopce opět nezklamaly :-)
za použití #aroundtheworld

😃 Jeseníky forever! Jsem rád, že se líbilo, díky😉

Oh my!!! 🤩😍. that's such incredibly beautiful. Do you hike alone and slept there overnight?Are you safe from wild huge animals?

Happy you like it😀

Yeah, most of the times I am lonely wolf, escaping from the busy world.

Wild animals? It is kind of safe in our country, Czechia. Although one never knows😁

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No prosím a já dnes bloumal v mlze, dešti a zimě tady po parku, zoufale se snažíc udělat aspoň jednu slušnou fotku do dnešního postu... Nepodařilo se. Zato tvůj článek je jimi tradičně narvaný až po střechu :D Ty pavučiny fakt bomba, jak malé hamaky :D

@tipu curate 3

😮 Njn, pokaždé není posvícení, známe. Klasikální podzimek až skoro zima už nám začíná.

Pavučiny jak malé hamaky, to mě dostalo😆

Díky za podporu.

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