Devil`s town (Đavolja Varoš) - Natural monument and Slavic myth

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A few years ago I visited the natural monument Devil's Town, which is located in the south of Serbia, 27 km from Kuršumlija town, and 89 km from the city of Niš. The curiosity of this place is the earthen figures formed by the erosion of the hillsides.

It has about 200 earthen figures 2 to 15 m high with stone caps on top.
The figures gradually change, disappear, and re-create. Due to the rain, the loose soil base dissolves and washes away, while the material under the stone blocks remains protected, and so over time, new figures of earthen statues appear on the ground.

The figure can survive for decades or centuries by carrying heavy stone blocks of one hundred and more kilograms on the tops.

Strong winds can create specific sounds that can sometimes be quite strange for visitors. It is assumed that the wind is the main cause of the myths about the Devil's Town.

There are two legends related to this location. One is that the figures in Devil's Town are in fact petrified wedding guests, and the other is that these figures are actually the devils that the locals got rid of, a long time ago.

On the site, there is a wooden, 13th-century church, with its own story about the place.