Mesmerizing colors of young adulthood.

And apart from the colors, I also have some other random pictures to show you.
This is one of the new Malachite males that are now out on their own.

Not a full green yet, but in a few weeks, he will be as green as the leaves of the pincushion flower.

All of the youngsters of several bird species are starting to show up, as the nesting season is now done. And other birds are now starting to build nests. Did you know that Cuckoo birds are parasites?
In the sense that the lazy cuckoo female will lay her eggs in a malachite's nest. When the babies are born, the malachite female will raise the babies together with her own :)
I have a photo somewhere that shows a tiny sunbird feeding a bird that was twice her size, and it was a cuckoo.
Amazing happenings in nature.

To give you an idea of the colors, here below you can see what an adult malachite looks like.

And here is the youngster again. (2 Shots below)


A hot and cloudy day where one has to take care of sunburn.

Thirsty work out there and the little cape sparrow female shows the need for us all to stay hydrated. Just also, don't take a drink from a dog's water bowl :)

Back at home, this little Cape White-eye was gathering nesting furniture for a nest that they are building in a tree next to my study window.

A real busy little bird here in our granadilla fence.

Later in the day, the sun was fighting to shine through the clouds.

But finally, the clouds won the battle.

There is also a little laughing dove nesting inside the granadilla fence at the top, but I cannot take photos of her as the leaves cover her nest. I do not want to disturb her, as she can abandon the nest and then the eggs would not hatch. Some people would take the eggs and place them in a warm incubator, but we don't want to do that, as nature must take its course. If the parents are killed, then it will be another story, but both of the parents are alive and well.

To watch the birth and death of little birds, animals, and other creatures can be happy and sad occasions. It is for one, however, to understand that life is as it is. We mustn't be cold and heartless, and push nature aside as if it were separate from us. We are to embrace and care for nature as we are a part of this beautiful creation. Life and death go hand-in-hand. In fact, once one is given life, one is already dying and new and real life comes when we one day must die physically. May we therefore, not live in regret and with life packed full of heartlessness. May ours be lives lived for others in gratitude to our Maker, and forever being good stewards of the nature that has been given to us.

I hope you have enjoyed the pictures.

Photos by Zac Smith-All Rights Reserved.

Camera: Canon Powershot SX70HS Bridge camera.

Thank you kindly for supporting this post.


Very beautiful capture and the little bird is very beautiful

Thank you! It is the biggest of the sunbirds, and beautiful indeed.

The first pictures are very successful! You are lucky that the bird gave you the opportunity to shoot.

Thank you and fortunately I am familiar with the bird's routines, so all that I have to do is to wait at a flower and then a bird will appear.

Manually curated by ewkaw from the @qurator Team. Keep up the good work!

@ewkaw and the @qurator team, many thanks for the curation.

Wonderful photos. I enjoy the birds that I don't see where I live. And also the warm weather while we are in winter. The seasons are also a cycle like life and death.

Thank you! Always nice to see new birds and I also enjoy seeing the birds that we don't have in Africa. We are in the southern hemisphere (summer), and you are in the northern hemisphere (winter). Yep, exactly the same, and the difference is that the seasons are set at the same times in the hemispheres, as they don't get old. But the seasons of life is set according to human ages. !LOL

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What a beautiful bird! Such a lovely emerald color. The other birds are also beautiful in their own way.

Beautiful indeed, and I love those sunbirds. You are right, as all birds are beautiful, even the grey little sparrows.


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Your sunbird Pictures are so great. I Wish i could see such a beautiful bird some time soon.

Thank you and I also hope that you will see something special. !LOL