My ultimate collection of colorful photos from around the world - part 3

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Hi there my Hivean friends and followers!

I have been really excited to see your amazing response to this special photography series. Both of the first two parts (linked below) got more than 30 comments each and a lot of support from so many people. Thank you guys very much! It´s been so much fun and pleasant remembering for me to work on this series and I am happy to come up with the third part of it today.

If you are ready for another massive dose of bright colors from around the world, please be my guest ;)

Colorful sign in Merida, the largest city in Yucatan, Mexico


Stunning historic buildings in the center of Prague, Czech Republic


Street art in Venice, Los Angeles, California, USA


Close up of some colorful palms fruit on the Tenerife Island, Canaries, Spain


Street art at the entrance to the Cahuita National Park in Costa Rica


Souvenirs and handicrafts sold in a market in a rural part of Cuba


View of the Trakai Island Castle, a medieval castle in Lithuania


Picturesque colorful chapel in Punta Sur, Cozumel Island, Mexico


Street art on the corner of the Nowa Street in Krakow, Poland


Aerial view of the iconic red roof architecture of Lisbon, Portugal


Close up of flowers with the Praded Mountain in the background, Czech Republic


Magical sunset in La Romantica on the Tenerife Island, Canaries, Spain


Rainbow over the Blue Lake at Sete Cidades, Sao Miguel Island, Azores, Portugal


Close up of the chicken mushrooms in a Silesian forest, Czech Republic


Chichen Itza, an iconic Mayan site, seen through agave leaves in Yucatan, Mexico


Enchanting sunset over the bustling metropolis of Bogota, Colombia


Edgar Allan Poe mural on what was his home in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA


Close up of giant purple grasshopper on the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica


The Prince's Palace of Monaco lit up at night, Monaco


Graffiti on a remote beach of the Mayan Riviera, Mexico


Municipal palace of the picturesque town of Guatape, Colombia


Plate of colorful exotic fruits in Playa del Carmen, Mexico


Beautifully decorated wooden door on the Tenerife Island, Canaries, Spain


Brown throated sloth with his typical colorful mark on his back in Costa Rica


Spectacular winter sunset in the suburbs of Brno, Czech Republic


I hope you guys enjoyed this part of the photography series dedicated to colorful photos from around the world. If you want to know a bit more about the background of the pictures and why I decided to compile this massive photo collection, feel free to check out the first part of the series (linked below) that includes a little introduction. The fourth part of the series will show up here on my blog next week so stay tuned ;)

Here are the links to the other parts of the series:

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Each part of your collection is so beautiful that when I manage to be amazed by one photograph, I find the next one just as impressive. It is definitely a party of color. And for her you deserve a loud applause. Case closed! : D

Those exotic fruits earn the title well, for their colors and shapes. Not to mention the grasshopper, and that perfect rainbow.


Go my virtual hug ♥

Thank you very much for such a nice prersonal feedback :) I can see you really checked those photos out. I love your term party of colors :D Very aptly hehe :) Thanks again and see you in the final part!

Absolutely stunning in their color!! We have such a beautiful world, don't we? She is not appreciated nearly enough.

I love this post!

Thank you very much for these kind words Denise, you are right, our planet is so diverse and beautiful. Too bad we often treat it like...... but that´s another story and I don´t want to ruin all the vivid colors with it ;) Thanks for stopping by and for your support again, much appreciated!

We don't treat her right, you are correct. It is times like that she rears her head and shows you who is boss. ;)) Good morning from here!

You have done it once again these photos are all just brilliant the colors are just all energizing what a amazing collection of memories 👍

Thanks man :) Yes I did it again and I am gonna do it one more time next week :D Stay tuned for the final dose of colors.

Awesome will be looking forward to another color stream and maybe then i will follow on...hehe , i better start looking for splashes of colors 😇

Cool, I am already looking forward to that photo series of yours :) Always a pleasure to inspire others hehe :)

Thanks @phortun will be working on it. Have a great week ahead 👍

So many awesome colorful images. I love the sloth one.

Thanks for checking them out man! I just felt like my blog has been a bit too dull lately so I am trying to bring some colors back to it and apparently, people are enjoying this series so far :)

Really super colorful!! I have really enjoyed these posts :)

Thank you Sofia :) I am really glad to get such a positive feedback from people :) Final part of the series coming next week.

I will not miss that post! :)

Super sbírka! Na to musí mít člověk oko, aby takovou fotku vyfotil. Mě by třeba vůbec nenapadlo fotit na trhu a ono to v závěru vypadá tak krásně a zajímavě! A ten lenochod je k poňuchání! Ovšem Praděd je nejvíc! 😉

Díky díky :) Neboj, časem si zvykneš fotit všechno a všude :D Já se to taky naučil až díky Hivu (dříve Steemu). Pokud se ti ze všech těch fotek fakt nejvíc líbí ten Praděd, tak jsi opravdu "českohorská srdcařka" :D

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