Photo Contest: show me Christmas lights in your town

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Hi there my Hivean friends and followers!

With Christmas just around the corner, many cities, town and villages around the world are now decorated with beautiful Christmas lights of all colors, shapes and sizes. Here in Krakow, Poland where we are currently based, you can admire some spectacular illuminations too and I have been already working on a photo collection that will be dedicated to this theme but before I have it ready to post (probably next Tuesday or Wednesday), I figured it could actually be a nice theme for a photo contest too so I decided to host one for you :)

I don´t want to make this thing too complicated so let´s just do it like this:

Take a picture of Christmas lights in your town and put it in the comment section below. If you cannot take the photo for some reason, you can even use an old one from previous years. Just one entry (photo) per person please. You can start submitting your entries from now until Thursday. Then, I will pick up to 5 winners, give my full upvote on their entries and feature them in the winner announcement post that will be published here on Friday. As usually, I will also try to give some smaller upvotes on all of the other entries to reward all participants.

As an example of what I am looking for in this photo challenge, let me now show you one of the pictures that I have taken for the currently prepared Christmas lights photo collection.


Good luck everyone. I am looking forward to checking out your photos and seeing what the streets in your town look like these days.

Wishing you all a very happy, blessed and peaceful Advent Season.

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Hi @phortun and thanks for this Christmas Photo Contest
This is a teddy bear of lights that sits in the historic downtown square of my small town.
I like it because it's a smiling teddy bear and in this day and age where smiles are hidden by masks, a smile even if artificial is important....
Have a nice day :)

Aww, this is sweet :) Awesome entry, thank you. Would you mind telling us what town it is?

Would you mind telling us what town it is?

Sure :) my city is Potenza and is located in the Basilicata region (South Italy)

Great, thank you so much, greetings to Italy :) Have a peaceful third Sunday of Advent :)

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Ahoj, zrovna včera jsem nějaké použil do článku o předvánoční atmosféře v Brně 😀
Nevadí, když tu zrecykluji obrázek z Masarykovy ulice v Brně?
This year is winter atmosphere in Brno different. Markets at the squares in city centres are decorated with lights, there are also Christmas trees and Nativity scenes but it is forbiden to sell meal and beverages at the markets. This year we also have to do without concerts. Next week pubs and coffees are going to be closed again, the city centre will be depopulated before Christmas.

Určitě nevadí, moc pěkný snímek ;) Díky za účast.

Unfortunately seems we are in lockdown for already one month, I'm not able to show any of those beautiful Christmas lights from the center of the city, but only these I can admire from my balcony on the neighbors 🥺


I am so sorry to read this Gabriela :( Having people locked down in their home for Christmas is unbelievably sad... The Czech Republic is not in lockdown right now but I am pretty sure we will be there again in January...

Yeah, this is not the situation for the whole Romania but "lucky me", I'm one of the regiond in lockdown :(

Ah, I see... That really sucks :( Hope they will lift it soon for you.

Jéé, ty si pamatuju !!! ;)

No vidíš, tak už je zase vytáhli :)

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