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Don't be fooled by the pictures...we are still here in the classic part of the museum. You know, the part where the great masters of painting hang like Rubens, Van Eyck,...and other old masters.

But what I like about the collection and how it is presented is that there are also more modern works here and there among the classics. This is also the case in the modern part of the museum... amidst all that contemporary violence there is a classic work here and there.
The contrast between young and old works surprisingly well and always provides a surprise.

For the enthusiasts... the top photo is of a work by one of my favorite artists: Salvator Dali. More modern than all the other works in that room, but indeed...I think you could also call Dali a master.

In the bottom photo you see a hand.... You knew that yourself, of course. But what you can't see in the picture is that hand rotates at random times... I have no idea about the artist, forgot to look. But I can assure you the whole thing is impressive when you go under it and it starts spinning... 😂

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It looks like a really cool place to visit but that hand is giving me creeps.
It's not because a giant hand arching over but because it is one really big object just hanging off the wall lol.
I wouldn't go under that thing. 🤗📸


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