The evolution of sculpture...

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Such a museum where you have both a classic and a modern section is particularly interesting to make comparisons between old and new works of art. The evolution so to speak...

Now take these 2 sculptures... you can perfectly see the evolution by color, size and subject.
Color: The artwork on the left was pristine white while the artwork on the right…well, uh, went for gory realism…
Size: At the left you can speak of a life-size representation. Large, realistic, imposing, powerful. For the right, the choice was made for...well, hopefully not for realistic. It would be quite an ass 😱
Subject: At the left we see the representation of a muscular man at work. Totally focused on his job with a beautiful muscular body.
At the right we see, well, a part of a body, male or female (that's not clear). What is clear is that someone has dealt with that body a rather aggressive way...

I'll leave it up to you to determine if evolution is going in the right direction...but a lot will depend on your personal preferences/experiences. So pay attention to what you write in the comments below... you might reveal a little too much 😉

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Wow. What an ass.


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Singling out a body part to represent is an interesting concept. Singling out that particular part and representing it in such a way? Well.... Not sure how I feel about that. At least it's the entire ass and not just the hole....

Hahaha...yeah, thank god it's the entire ass 😂👍

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