Winter magic at Schloss Laufen

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Last weekend, the weather in the mountains was supposed to be amazing, and we planned a trip to the heart of Graubunden. However, our plans changed as my husband was sick all week and I was sick for a couple of days too, and therefore we stayed at home to get fit for the week ahead of us. I'm not used to being inside for such a long time and I couldn't bear it on Saturday anymore, so we decided to visit the medieval market which was held at Schloss Laufen. Surely they would sell something hot to warm us up 😊


It was snowing for a couple of days, so I walked to the castle as I love snow! It's one of my favourite trails, and I needed to stretch my legs a bit as well. It was freezing, and the temperature surprised me, but luckily I dressed properly, so I enjoyed my cheeks becoming red from the cold. My husband took his car as he wasn't feeling too good, and we were supposed to meet at the location.


It took me a bit longer than usually to get there as the path was not maintained yet and the snow was slippery. The last thing that I would want is to fall in the Rhine Falls, so I took my time and walked slowly 😊

Just to cross the bridge, and walk up the hill...


The view from the bridge will never cease to fascinate me. The current is so strong that you feel the power of it on the bridge as well. It gives me chills!

It's also a railways bridge, and I get a little heart attack every time a train appears out of the tunnel...




When the train approaches from the other side it's not a problem as you see it coming, but with my luck the train always comes from behind and makes me jump. I usually try to walk through the bridge as fast as I can as it's a bit scary - strong river on one side, fast trains on the other 😊


Finally on the other side! I love when it's so cold that the snow stays on the branches. I don't think that it's so comfortable for the trees as the snow might be too heavy. My husband told me that part of the road was closed because of broken branches on the road. That tree on the far left looks heavy too!


Neuhausen am Rheinfall is a small city. This was also the reason why we moved here. It is close to Zurich, only a few minutes away from Germany, and it is so quiet. However, the city council is trying to attract more people to live here, and they allowed developers to build those two towers in the back. They don't really fit in the city, and there was a lot of resentment from the locals, so it took more than 6 years for developers to get the building permit. Once they finally got it, it took them less than 2 years to build the towers and at the beginning of next year, first owners will be moving in.

I must admit that they don't look too bad with all that snow surrounding them...


And here we are! It kept snowing and snowing, and some snowflakes were so big that you can even see them in the photos.


It's been the first time for me to visit a medieval market. I didn't know what to expect, and I must say that it was done really nicely. There were many stalls with local products, medieval crafts, a lot of food, and a great atmosphere.


We decided to go early, so there were not so many people around yet. The worst things at the market is when you try to walk around too many people with your punch 😊


There were many winter products, such as these wool items or the warming liquor. Those two guys selling the liquor were insisting that we try their products, but we were able to resist them.


Crepes can't be missed at any Christmas market. They had various flavours and seemed to be popular around lunchtime when we were leaving.


There were many stalls around the courtyard...


But I lost my interest as soon as I spotted this husky. I stood there for a few minutes following its adventure. The snow seemed to be the best fun this dog had in its life!


Must fight it and eat as much as possible!


We were planning to return in the evening to enjoy the lights too, but it was really too cold and as we are leaving to visit my in-laws tomorrow we wanted to make sure that we will be healthy by then.


I like that they chose Schloss Laufen as their location as it makes you feel like you were exploring the market hundreds years ago...



And we found a hot drink! They had non-alcoholic punch with orange flavour. It was yummy!


They even had a medieval wheel carousel. I have no idea how it works as it was going in one way and then it changed direction, but I assume that it's somehow based on the weight of people.


We found a seller with tons of healthy sweets, and we couldn't resist buying some. I almost fainted when he told us how much it was, but we couldn't tell him that we didn't want them anymore, so we paid. They are delicious and very filling, so we will enjoy them for some time.


Those banana shaped thingies are the best!


Some more items from the market...


My only luck was that what my husband wanted was too big to fit in the car, and he didn't order it online yet. Hopefully, he forgot 😊


Once we finished the punch I walked back home and my husband to the car.

I enjoyed walking back as there was so much details that I could photograph.


Luckily, it was not so slippery that I would have to hold on to the railing...



We haven't had so much snow in years!


The path wasn't maintained on the way back either...


And the last glimpse of Schloss Laufen before going back to the city...


People say that we are lucky with the view from our apartment and I must say that I agree 😊


Until next time!


No vidíš, tak jste se i vy dočkali pořádné sněhové nadílky ;) Parádní fotky! Ta krajina s námrazou na stromech a peřejemi dole vypadá úžasně, jak z nějakého filmu :) Věřím, že přejít přes ten most je docela adrenalin, zvlášť, když tam zrovna projíždí ten vlak. Podobné je to i tady v Praze na tom starém železničním mostě pod Vyšehradem, ten je taky i pro pěší.

Btw 1: Jak jste aktuálně na tom, marodi? Už oba zdraví?

Btw 2: Tak schválně, kolik stály ty cukrlátka na trhu? :D Tipuju aspoň 10 éček za kus :D

@tipu curate 7

Už aby toho snehu bolo menej. Nabudúci týžden ukážem ako vyzerá naša záhrada 😂 Kým sme to ako tak upravili boli sme úplne premrznutí...

U nás je krásne za každého počasia 😉 No, furt sa zľaknem keď ide vlak, aj keď viem, že tam chodia každých pár minút.

Už sme obaja ako tak v poriadku. Včera sme prišli do Holandska, tak je nám po ceste zas trošku horšie, ale pár svokriných jedál a všetko bude v poriadku 😁

Niečo cez 7 CHF za kus, no ale predstav si 180 CZK za jednu takú malú guličku. Ale zas musím uznať, že sú fakt dobré 😁

Ďakujem, aj za tipáky 😘

Tak to rád slyším, že už jste v pořádku ;) Snad si nepřivezete takový "suvenýr" i z Holandska :) Na zahradní report se budu těšit! Hlavně na skleníky :D

Takže 180 Kč za kus, hmm. Jako je to samozřejmě ranec, ale v dnešní době to tak prostě je. Si vem, že trdelníky (které původně pochází ze Skalice btw :D) stojí v centru Prahy prý až dvě stovky. Langoše na trzích běžně 150 Kč atd... Je to prostě šílené. V Mexiku jsme si dávali čerstvé suprové tacos kus za 12 Kč a pak úplně luxusní marquesitu (velká palačinka plněná banánem a nutellou) za asi dvacku... Ach jo :(

No uvidíme, snáď nie, lebo hneď potom ideme na Slovensko 😊

Trdelník a langoš zaraďujem do inej kategórie, lebo sa z nich dá najesť, takže tá cena mi tak nevadí, lebo potom som plná. No tá gulička je fakt malá, tak mi to príde prehnané, ale zas sú fakt dobré, tak im to viem prepáčiť. No to by ste mali ísť zas do Mexika a nie do Opavy 😉

Jaj, to sem ani nepiš (Mexiko místo Opavy), to až si přečte T. tak, to budu mít hodně rychle na talíři :DDD Říkal jsem ti, jak to má...

Your description of the winter magic at Schloss Laufen creates a vivid picture of the atmosphere and the festive market. The mention of hot drinks to warm up in the cold weather adds a cozy touch to the adventure. The photos complement your storytelling, allowing readers to visually immerse themselves in the winter charm of the castle.

I appreciate the flexibility and positive attitude you embraced despite the initial plans not working out. It's a great reminder that sometimes the unexpected turns can lead to wonderful experiences. Thank you for sharing this winter escapade, and I hope you and your husband are feeling better now. Looking forward to more of your explorations!

Thank you for your kind and thoughtful comment! 😊

Wow lovely weather. Awesome clicks of winters.

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Those are beautiful photography you took. Trying to take a walk when you are not feeling too well is going to make you regained yourself, and as you did go out after a long stay at home, it was a great one, you explore the beautiful medieval market.

Thank you for stopping by!

You are welcome dear friend.

Schloss Laufen during winter looks more beautiful than in summer I would say. Summer time is very crowded. During winter, tourists go there?

In winter there are as many tourists as in summer as many of them go to the mountains and stop there on the way 😊

There is no such heavy snowfall in any of our cities as it happens here. Had it been there, we too would have enjoyed sitting at home in the snow. This place looks very beautiful. Amazing post

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O woow beautiful pictures ❤️ It’s time for me to visit this part of Europe :) But I don’t know if in summer or winter :)

You definitely should come here 😊 it depends on what you prefer. It can get very cold here, but also very warm 😁

It's been a while since I last seen such scenery. We do have winter in Romania quite a lot but we rarely notice so spectacular views. I love how the winter wonderland completes the absolutely stunning water color! You did a great job with those shots and thanks for sharing them with us! :)

Thank you for stopping by and for your kind words 😍

The pleasure was all mine 🙏🏻

Such a wonderful stroll! scrolling down your photos, feels so magical!

Thank you for stopping by! 😊

Hola, en mi vida no he tenido la oportunidad de ver este tipo de hermosos paisajes, siempre los veo por internet y en ocasiones no me parecían reales hasta que entre en está publicación, son hermosos pero el frío debe ser insoportable,no quiero imaginar la temperatura del agua; para mí que soy de un país de clima caliente no debe ser fácil acostumbrarme, también siento curiosidad por la economía de esos pueblos, donde trabajan,de que viven, etc,saludos.

Hello 😊 oh yes, it can get very cold, but we are used to it, however for you it would be indeed a challenge. I assume you don't even own winter clothes 😊 These are many topics that you're interested in, and I'm sure you can learn a lot if you follow posts of other European Hivians as well 😉

Thank you for stopping by! I'm glad that you liked my post!

Sinceramente que no tengo ningun tipo de ropa para invierno, si me coloco una chaqueta prácticamente me cocinaría vivo con esta calor, ja ja ja saludos y disfruta del frío

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