Earth laughs in flowers .

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life is a one time gift of god

It really is. Do you try to understand the basis of life. Its not what we think it is. Yes money is necessity of life and needed to carry out life support. But the foundation lies in nature. Everytime and infact everyday nature teaches us so many lessons of life. Our life is similar to that of flowers that blooms. When you closely see the plant and the flower grow every day you'll realise the life process of everything.


It takes a long time to become young.

Didn't you guys desperately wanted to become an adult when you were a child. So now here we are. Did you like it now? As we grow older we leave behind so many memories that we created ourselves. Be it a sort of adventure, going out with friends, hiking up mountain, riding bikes and what not. I used to be a naughty kid as my parent told me. I grew up and learned the most wanted religion that the world ever needs.. humanity. when a flowers blooms they look super beautiful and thats the same scenario with our life. We looks more beautiful when turning into an adult or atleast wants to be more attractive to others by applying some chemicals to our bodies.


Everybody is a genius

How adulthood hit you? What did you learn? Everyone is a genius. But those who are helping the environment maks a better place are the real heros. It takes courage and will power to do so. My father used to tell me "always aim to leave this world better than how you found it."

Poverty is a real challenge in India and also in the world. Its declining from recent years tho. But we must help those who are suffering in this condition. No one has ever became poor by giving. Its what nature teaches us.

Thanks to some NPO's


See how ant's searching for food. They both helping each other. Ant's acts as pollinator and flowers provide with foodstuff.

There are some Non Profit Organization who are helping as much as they could to bring this conditions minimal. One of my friend @pragyangautam is working as a freecycler. Really appreciate their work.


These pictures are taken by realme 5 pro and edited by me in snapseed.




Nature is a very big aspect of life , it's the most beautiful thing that exists . Beautiful trees , animal , clouds and even human.
Being a child is usually the most interesting time of our life's , no troubles , no regrets and we just feel free . Adulthood then comes with it's responsibilities and duties which we have have no choice but to do in order to survive.
Very wonderful pictures man ! Great work @punkblogs .

Thanks mate. Yes adulthood is a responsibility which we have to follow . But we can choose such that it wont come at the cost of destroying nature. We live here , we have to make this a sustainable place for our next generations

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