Beautifully Nature Photography...

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Hi friend's,


How are you all? Hope you all are well. I am here again with my new photography post. Today I will share with you some beautiful photography I have taken Hope you all like it. Let's start-



  • It is the flower of the plum tree. Now almost all the plum trees are blooming After a few days it will form small plum buds Then slowly it will continue to grow. The flowers look very small, and look beautiful. They are located at the base of the leaves along with the branches.



  • It is the sun in the afternoon sky. The picture was taken from the river bank. When the sun is hot, there is no condition to look at the sky, the picture is taken during that hot moment. At this time, white clouds floated in the sky. That looks pretty cool.


  • This is a scene across the river taken during the rain. A few days ago I was crossing the Padma river. At that time, heavy rain started in the middle of the river I took the picture then. It looks very different A different form of nature.


  • It is eating golden rice. The paddy fields are ripe and the whole field is golden in color. It looks great when the sun shines on it.

Hope you all like my photography today. Everyone will be fine, stay healthy. See you again with my new post.

Thank you very much everyone for viewing my post today.


Awesome. great shots.