My first Shots with my new Xiaomi Mi11 - 105 mindblowing Megapixels

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Hey Photographers,

Yesterday I received my long-awaited new phone - the Xiaomi Mi11 with a really cool camera. The 105 megapixels come across really strong for mobile photography.

So today I went to the local park and tried to photograph various plants and ants. Besides a cool super macro function, the camera itself offers a tilt-shift function which I also tried out.


flower 3.jpg


While I was trying to take a tiltshift shot, the plant was shaking quite a bit in the wind. So while you try to keep your hand steady, the wind still and you set the right settings on the device, such shots are not easy.


A bit of macro please.

Of course, I also tried to get the macro shot. Besides a swarm of ants and a beautiful flower, there was unfortunately not much in the area that would have been suitable for macro photography. But of course I show you my first attempts with the Xiaomi Mi11 macro photos.




i hope you enjoyed my first photographys with my brandnew phone.

See you around,



Cool, die Bilder sehen gut aus 👍

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