[EN\DE] Visiting the Planetarium

A while back I had the chance to spend a night in a planetarium that is next to a local observatory. Many photographers work a lot to get a perfect star sky but here it was pretty much handed to me on a silver plate.

Vor einer Weile hatte ich die Chance eine Nacht in einem Planetarium neben einen lokalen Observatorium zu verbringen. Viele Fotografen arbeiten hat daran den perfekten Sternenhimmel zu fotografieren, hier wurde er mir quasi auf einem Silbertablett serviert.


To get a feeling for the room I experimented on how to capture the stars and spiced it up with a famous quote. Even tho the stars are quite visible to the eye it still takes an exposure of several seconds to get them on the sensor.

Um ein Gefühl für die Szene zu bekommen habe ich erst mal damit experimentiert die Sterne einzufangen und das ganze mit einem berühmten Zitat zu würzen. Zwar sind die Sterne im Planetarium gut für das Auger sichtbar aber trotzdem braucht es eine Belichtung von einigen Sekunden um diese auf den Sensor zu bekommen.


This place was made to watch the stars. So it was a no brainer to invite some light beings in to enjoy the view. A fellow lightpainter helped me creating a few observers in the seats.

Dieser Ort wurde dazu gebaut um Sterne zu beobachten, also war es naheliegend ein paar Lichtwesen einzuladen um die Sterne zu genießen. Ein Lightpainter Kollege hat mir geholfen die Beobachter in den Sitzen zu erstellen.


The people working in the planetarium and observatory that accompanied us were very fascinated by the possibilities lightpainting has and they told us that the most fascinating thing for them is observing nebulae. We tried our best to create a nebula inside the planetarium that is close to what you see from those deep space telescopes. Fun fact: those images are usually not in the colors that are really observed by the telescope. The most stunning images are created by giving certain elements a special color and/or compensating for red or blue shift that occurs over these galactic distances.

Die Mitarbeiter im Planetarium und Observatorium die uns an dem Abend begleiteten waren sehr fasziniert von den Möglichkeiten die Lightpaitning bietet. Sie erzählten uns das eines der faszinierendsten Dinge am Nachthimmel Nebulae sind. Also gaben wir unser bestes einen Nebula im Planetarium entstehen zu lassen. Fun Fact: die Fotos von den großen Teleskopen die man kennt sind oft gar nicht das was die Teleskope wirklich sehen. Oft entstehen die spannendsten Bilder dadurch das bestimmte Gase und Elemente durch Farben hervorgehoben werden und/oder das eine Rot oder Blauverschiebung ausgeglichen wird die bei solchen galaktischen Distanzen entstehen.


And to end the night with some shenanigans we had a little fun calling down a UFO to let it visit the observatory.

Und um den Abend mit ein bisschen Unfug zu beenden haben wir uns einen kleinen Spaß erlaub und ein UFO vor dem Observatorium landen lassen.

Like all my art all photos were created in front of the camera using camera tricks and lightpainting techniques. no digital manipulation involved in post production.

You can find more of my work and information on my homepage.

Greetings to my friends who practice the same kind of magic @fastchrisuk, @fadetoblack, @lichtkunstfoto, @martbarras, @stepko, @marlasinger666, @lightandlense, @fastchrisuk, @yo-hoho, @oddballgraphics, @martbarras, @neilru75, @maxpateau, @mafufuma & @rod.evans.visual


Sehr cool Dennis. Da wäre ich gerne dabei gewesen.

oh oh zwei Leute mit Plautze da drin wäre echt eng geworden 😂🤣

Wer ist denn der zweite mit Plautze? 🤔


Na du 😁

Wat? Icke? Ich lebe nur im falschen Körper. 🤣😂

Als Kind in den Zaubertrank gefallen 😅

Nein, nein. 🤣😂

I used to love going to the Planetarium! You got some really cool shots of your visit! Thanks for sharing them with us. =)

Thanks, yeah it was pretty common to go there back in my childhood. Was a throwback to visit that place.

I bet it was like a whole new dimension when you add the perspective you have now and also consider the light painting options and potential! hahaha

Also now was able to appreciate all the technology that went into that machine. Plus all the interesting things you can do it. Basically can show you the sky at any given day on any given place on earth that you want back a few thousand years.

That is pretty amazing! The clock of the sky is pretty cool. Going back in time with the patterns is cool. What's also interesting... is they can predict or project the future doing that same process in reverse. Of course, things could change and it might not be an accurate prediction... but assuming things function pretty much the same as they have you can see what things might look like in the future. Another cool thing is that it takes so long for light to get here... that we are already looking into the past even in the now! It's all pretty mind-blowing! hahaha

Yes, that machine is still one of the analogue ones. New planetariums usually have a digital projector, but that one still had an old mechanical one. So all the stars and movements are done by gears and so on so going backwards or forwards is no problem at all. It gets less accurate the further you get away from the point to which it was build, but according to the people I met there it stays amazingly accurate within about 5000 years in any direction.
If you think about it any photo is a window in time and space. You look at a certain time and a certain location when you look at it. (well unless you mince the pixels through some photo editing, then it becomes fantasy)

It's all pretty crazy when you stop and think about it all! Simply incredible. hahaha

Really great Dennis, what an amazing opportunity. You definitely did it justice. 👍

Extremely beautiful!!!

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Those pictures are amazing! I really like the rendering of the scenes inside the planetarium :)

Thanks, but it is not a rendering. Everything is done in front of the camera without any editing.

Sorry this is not what I meant. This is just a bad translation of my thoughts to English. I only meant that the final painting is really great!

Apologies for the confusion :)

No problem mate.
It just often gets mistaken as digital created images.


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