Haturday - A snowman family!

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Happy weekend my AMAZING HIVERS

Hope you all are doing well, and
having a fantastic closing in on
christmas time 🎄 😊

I say christmas feeling came earlier
this year with more snow than I
seen in YEARS 🌨️❄️ so
Im happy 😁

And the kids at work are having a
blast and ofcourse a snowman
is a request every year....

And this year it was totally possible,
so let me Introducera you to Mr
and Mrs snowfling with their
little cute baby fling ❄️


Kids made me giggle with the
names but it fits well right?






And baby fling... So cute


And my favorite part...
Their HATS 🤠

I mean how cool are they?
ESPECIALLY baby flings

Building snowman and seeing the
kids play in the snow, reminds
me of the white winters we
always had growing up.


And how a simple snowangel 😇
like this could be so much
fun 😜 lol


I missed the many white winters
for like the last 5 years, but this
year it came earlier and
finally STAYED 😊

And I know someone else who
is happy about it 🐶 woff!




His warm outfit is a favorite
of his and it says...

-Dear Santa I can explain 😁 lol



This was a different #haturday
but I had to do it as I mean..

How cute is that snowman family?
And again kids minds are full
of wonderful ideas and I am
blessed to be a part of it.

Just wish the many colds and
bugs wasn't it too 😝 lol


But it is part of it.. and even if
getting sick sucks, the little
kiddos are worth it.


And so is Mother Nature 💕



And don't forget to SMILE and
enjoy the little things 🥰



I am Thankful for each
one of YOU 🙏


Proud Member of the best family ❤️

Peace - Unity - Family - #thealliance Amazing leader @enginewitty

Proud Member of #ladiesofhive


Beauty by @thekittygirl ❤️


🌸Just happy about life and Thankful for
all the blessings in it!


@saffisara :Passionate about reading YOUR posts and commenting. Loves to laugh and take pictures. AND I'm a Hug Lover! Remember Every day is a #haturday

🌼All pictures are my own and taken by me 🌻


Thank you @enginewitty 💖


Thank you @inthenow



Thank you @enginewitty for this badass banner 💋




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Those are some awesome snow people! I believe it is supposed to snow where I live tomorrow, can't wait! Have an amazing weekend. Much love

Glad you liked it and the snow family sure is standing proudly at work 😁 lol
I hope you get snow to now so you can enjoy it like I do.
All is so beautiful and bright, also love the sound under the feet... Lol

Stay Awsome my friend and much love to You 🤗💕🤗

Bobby is like a tiny little bear in all that snow.

He is right? 😉
And it is so much fun watching him jumping into the snow like a happy puppy and hiding his toys 😁 lol

Hope you are doing well, I know you dealing with much and I hope you know we all love you and always here 🤗💕🤗 Love you Bunches

What a happy Bobby! He likes it!

Yes he loooves snow and jumps into it like a nutty puppy 😁 lol
Fun watching him.

Happy weekend 🤗


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Wes & Grindan

I appriciate You too 🤗💕🤗

👍 ❤️ Upvoted ❤️ 👍

Nice snowman family. And it's great to see the happy playing kids👍
We have about 20 cm of snow here, but I lay sick in bed, so don't have any snowman pic for you 😉

Glad you liked it and it sure is Great to see the smiling kids 😊 and the snow family was fun.
So sorry to hear that you are sick 🤒 really hope you feel better soon my friend 💕 sending lots of healing hugs and love your way.

Soon you can enjoy the snow and take pictures 😉 Stay warm and safe.
Much love 🤗💕🤗

The most important thing is to enjoy life, enjoy with our children, the small details, every smile is a drop of happiness, blessings.

Well said 😉 that is so true.
Live in the moments 💕

Happy sunday 🌺

Love this! I've recently noticed a family snowman being built in front of the flat I live in which seemed so adorable! Didn't take a picture of them though :(

Those snowmen are awesome! We barely have any snow yet, it's been such a mild start to the winter, but last year we had -30 and lots of snow so I'll take the slow start to the season. Sending you big love!

No snow here yet. Love the snow people family. Look at Bobby go…
Sick again my friend….not good I’m sending you healing hugs and kisses.

I hope you get well soon 🤗
That snow family is so cute lol and bobby seems te be enjoying the winter 😉 maybe even more that you lol

Great snow(wo)men! The first snow of the year always gets the inner child in me out :D

Bobby seems to enjoy it as well! :D

The snowman family is too flipping cute!! I bet it was a blast making them with the kiddos 😍

The snow angel made me smile too! I'm so glad you're enjoying the snow- ours keeps coming and going here... I'll get my snowman soon tho !LOLZ

Big hugs to you sis 🤗 !LADY !PIMP

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Looks like a fun snow event @saffisara. I just wanted to stop by and say "Thanks" for your super support all year. I appreciate it and wish you and your family had a good holiday and will have a healthy and prosperous new year.

Take care and stay safe.

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