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The photo tour in the stream bed has now brought me to the highest point of the day. Now it's going downhill again and there are different motifs that I would like to share with you again. Since the light is now rapidly diminishing, I decided to only use the telephoto lens and many of the pictures were taken by hand. In retrospect, however, I have to say that the pictures with a tripod are simply better and that the time for setting up and perfect adjustment is already worthwhile.


Die Fototour im Bachbett hat mich nun zum höchsten Punkt des Tages gebracht. Nun geht es wieder bergab und es gibt verschieden Motive die ich wiederum gerne mit euch teilen will. Da das Licht nun schnell weniger wird habe ich mich entschlossen nur noch das Teleobjektiv zu benutzen und viele Bilder sind aus der Hand gemacht. Im Nachhinein muß ich aber sagen dass die Bilder mit Stativ einfach besser sind und sich die Zeit für das Aufstellen und perfekte Einstellen schon rentiert.


The small creek is getting bigger quickly, somehow magical, since I couldn't find any tributaries.

Der kleine Bach wird schnell größer, irgendwie magisch, da ich keine Zuflüsse entdecken konnte.


If I could I would take almost every other stone, but why? With that I would destroy the beauty of this particular spot, even if it would take many years for someone to come and admire it. So all stones remain and my back is spared.

Wenn ich könnte würde ich fast jeden zweiten Stein mitnehmen, aber warum? Damit würde ich die Schönheit dieser speziellen Stelle zerstören, selbst wenn erst in vielen Jahren jemand vorbeikommt um sie zu bewundern. So bleiben also alle Steine liegen und mein Rücken wird geschont.









This photo is great! I did it right at the water level, putting myself in a dangerous position.

Dieses Foto ist toll! Ich habe es direkt auf Höhe des Wassers gemacht und mich dabei in eine gefähliche Position begeben.



It shimmers and shines in the deposited sand. Some gold and mica would certainly fall off here when prospecting for gold. The picture can't really show that.

Im abgelagerten Sand schimmert und glänzt es. Hier würde beim Goldschürfen sicherlich etwas Gold und Glimmer abfallen. Das Bild kann das nicht wirklich wiedergeben.




Camera: Canon EOS 200D
Lens: Tamron 70-210 mm, Tamron 10-24 mm, Lee Neutral Density Filter
Edit: darktable


See you next time! / Bis nächstes Mal!

Thank you for your attention! / Danke für Deine Aufmerksamkeit!

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        Schaman Gerbert        


The view from the top down to valley is impressive, so high up, everything is nice and green below, it feels like if you follow the stream earlier or later it comes directly down to the houses.

Such a great photography

I really loved it

Wonderful post by an excellent photographer, nature-loving writer, greetings from Cuba🙋🇨🇺🙋🙋🇨🇺🙋👏👏

This is really nice and I appreciate the facts that you do share them which is lovely.

That sound of that water flowing from that river is so refreshing and comforting @schamangerbert . It looks like a good camping area there with awe-striking view of nature. ;)

These rocks look like sedimentary rocks

Rushing water babbling on the rocks is so beautiful. I bet it is even more so live in person. Thanks for sharing.

The flow of water through the stones looks very nice in the photos. Awesome photography

It's very beautiful place!!

Grate post here, excellent shots.
Thank you for sharing

Nicely captured

Free hand photography is also one kind of relaxation for capturing natural photos.

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All the photos are beautifully taken. Amazing blog you have. I’m new here checkout my stuff as well.