Before and After - More Re-Edited Old Photos

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Yup! Still working on more. If this goes as planned, I will be making many more of these "before and after" posts as I go through many more old images. These two are from 2010. New technology and gear rocks! My goal with these re-edits is to give the images more "pop", and to be more visually appealing.

Lake Tahoe, shot from my buddy's fishing boat. Before:




A sailboat on Lake Tahoe, shot from a dock after a long day of fishing. Before:




All of these were shot with a Canon 1DS MarkIII. I blame my new 32" BenQ SW321C monitor for these posts and for the motivation to re-edit my oldie-but-goodie images. Two thumbs up for this monitor.

Thank you for looking and I hope you are all having a great day!

Re-Edits, Post 1
Re-Edits, Post 2
Re-Edits, Post 3

Scott Thompson



Photo frame worthy after the edits 😀

That's what I like to hear! Thank you! Cheers.


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If you're looking for pop you got it with that first re-edit 🤩 Love the way the mountains come through in the re-edit. But I've always loved the mountains so I'm a sucker for mountain landscapes. 😊

@scottshots old is gold and the original picture of sailboat is fantastic.
Well, you are a professional photographer so you know better than me :P
Good luck with editing!!!

Nicely done, the edits look great!

LOVE that boat photo!